China Contributing $500 Million to Trump-Linked Project in Indonesia


He’s not stupid. His purpose on this board is to swear he doesn’t support Trump and then defend everything he does. He’s so transparent I can see his bones.


Yes. And ‘America’ means all of America, including Canada and Paraguay.

When you find yourself pretending to be stupid . . .


He’s certainly not doing a very good job of it then.


Well, he is a frequent flyer. Maybe his wings are tired.


This and a potential trade war are two separate issues.

This is about a Chinese company that broke sanctions against Iran and North Korea, then lied about it to the US government. There’s also the accusations (by the NSA) of their technology being used to spy on Americans. The actions of the US against the company were for those reasons, not tariffs or trade issues.


I’m not the one being stupid. When a person says media, that includes Fox, etc.


When a person says America that includes Paraguay. When a person says slavery that doesn’t include wage slavery. rolleyes


Donald Trumps sons are building a golf course at the same Indonesian resort that is borrowing money from a Chinese company.

That means Indonesia own Pres. Xi!

We should be joining with China and fighting those dirty Muslim money-borrowing golfers!!


and when a person says “media”, that includes Fox.

although i do admit that a lot of people don’t want (or like) to include Fox in the media.


I bet they won’t even allow women to wear golf pants there. lol


I’m playing chess with a pigeon again.

When will I learn?


It’s hard to play chess with a pidgeon because they keep pooping more pawns.


i guess when you learn that Fox is part of the media and isn’t in some special category.


That’s not true. The people who buy into the MSM nonsense are a vocal and uninformed minority. There is no liberal leaning press bias. That is a fabrication by people who want to put forward propaganda. I know that’s hard for you to grasp, but unfortunately, that’s the truth.


not only that but some people NEED for us all to think of Fox as being OUTSIDE the media and in some special category where they’re FIGHTING the media. truth is, they’re just part of the media.

now, they’re Republican media but media just the same. and i’d argue that they have perfected the media (large number of opinion shows that can still deliver the same news but don’t have to worry about the stuff that traditional news shows do).

think about how often you’ve heard “the media is all liberal”. that’s a slick sales job that Fox and those like them have pulled off on people. THE largest cable news network is not even included in the media.


There is no precedent for a president with Donald’s business involvements.


Wow! Same here. Even your source points out htat the proceeds went to charity!

Good job!


I miss the edit button.




This is the game as it’s currently being played (which I know is obvious to everyone)…

  • Guy jaywalks. Guy commits murder. See, they’re ALL lawbreakers
  • Guy cheats on his girlfriend in High School. Guy pays off Porn stars. See, they’re ALL cheaters.

More obvious it could not be.