China Contributing $500 Million to Trump-Linked Project in Indonesia


who wooda thunk that republicans, republicans, would be all in with a guy running his business from the White House while paying off porn stars through his crooked/corrupt lawyer.



Yeah, but Neil Gorsich!


What a coincidence-as soon as Trump says he’ll loosen the sanctions he just in place, China contributes a bunch of money to a Trump project.

This is exactly the type of thing many of us stated would happen-Trump using his office to enrich himself. There are plenty of examples of this happening. Amazing it’s taken this long for you to finally admit it.


Other than this benefit, I see nothing in this deal to relax the restrictions on ZTE that will benefit the US.

This is what happens when the “Art of the Deal” master is at work!


Russian trollbots are creating a diversion. He’s owned by Russia. The China ownership thing is a false flag.

No wait.
He’s actually owned by every country except the one where most of his business is (the US).

No wait.
Corporate America owns him.
The only reason he is making the stock market and real estate market go up is because he and his masters own stocks and real estate.

No wait.
He’s owned by Ebay, which hates Amazon.

Anyway I want a good old fashioned lawyer for president. People with business experience are bad for the economy.



Ask Mr. West…


Proceeds of both those books went to charities.


Even says so in the links he provided.


Hell, just buy a newspaper. I’m not your research agent.


Everything I read about trade negotiations with China thus far show we are getting rolled.


Well if the media says it it must be true.

When they said he was provoking a trade war and was wrong to fight, that was true.

Now that they say he should stand and fight that is true to.

Sarcasm aside.
The media will contradict itself, but
two things are certain. The media will be anti-R and, people who cannot think for themselves will blindly believe the media.


You make the claim it’s up to you to support it.

I’ll check back later.


You know damn well the corruption in this admin. I’m not playing your game.


All I know is the accusation keeps being made but when called on it there is no production of evidence showing same. This seems to be the case yet again just as expected.



How can you say that with a straight face on a Hannity board?


Uhh because in general “the media” means the MSM. Most people understand that. Pretending to be stupid us seldom an effective argument.

You know that ‘America’ means USA and ‘Europe’ often means Western Europe and ‘shoes’ means ‘both shoes and sneakers’ right?


Uhh “the media” means all of the media.


I think China also threatened to pull all those big beautiful trademarks they granted him last year.


This is just obtuseness at it’s best. This is why people don’t like to have an honest conversation with you.

Your memory bank must have been deleted:

Hatch act violation
Ben Carson’s dining room set
Scott Pruitt
The list goes on and on and on and on and on. But you will rationalize it all away like a good Trumper.


You can’t teach stupid.