China censors a German children's book

The response from the censors in Communist China was extreme when a German children’s book correctly stated that the coronavirus originated in China:

The Chinese consulate in Hamburg promptly threatened the Carlsen publishing house with filing criminal charges, demanding the recall of the book as well as a public apology. Carlsen publishing house complied with the demand, telling DW that it had “stopped delivery of the book.” A new edition with a different wording regarding the origins of the virus is already in the making.

Meanwhile China is imposing sanctions on European officials who expressed concerns about human rights violations in China.

Is Europe headed towards a regime of censorship under the control of China?

Is the US headed in the same direction? Or are we already there?


Will the book be censored in Europe as well?

The book was in German and sold in Europe. The publisher has removed it from the market after threats from the government of China.

Book sales in China were not the issue.

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Not exactly an outrageous bit of content.

Wonder if the revision will blame Trump.

China government sure is throwing it’s influence around.

Good post!!

The wokies: “We need to censor offensive speech.”

Conservatives: "We need more free speech, not less.


The National Pulse recently translated a Chinese document that details the links between the mainstream media, US think tanks, and China.

The problem of China’s control over the media is not limited to German children’s books.


I have been regularly going to China for the last forty years. And the number one question I always get is if our press is really free to say whatever they want. I remember when China was gong to take over Hong Kong and the Beijing government was asked by a US journalist if they would keep the Hong Kong press free. And the response was “Why do you care, your press is not free”.

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Perhaps people in Hong Kong have seen the US media parrot the party line from Beijing for too long.

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Our press is free. They have just chosen sides. Choosing not to report a story is not the same as not being allowed to report a story.


China bullying countries, where have you been the last 10 years.

The US press is freer than that in China. Instead it appears to be similar to that in Russia where oligarchs who are aligned with Putin control all the major media outlets. Dissenting media face government harassment and monopolistic barriers from the oligarchs. Many are forced into exile.

The US media are certainly not free to report news that is inconvenient to the interests of China and its allies in the CIA and the Democratic Party. If you doubt that, just look at the stonewalling that went on with the Hunter Biden stories before the election.

READ: The CENSORED Glenn Greenwald article about Hunter (and Joe) Biden | Sharyl Attkisson

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The soggy laptop angle was the stupidest take for the Hunter Biden saga.

The clumsiness of that hindered the story

Report on Hunter Biden all day long, but when they have to resort to an obviously planted laptop to do it, it loses all the credibility and serious people want nothing to do with it.

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Of course the question follow up question is why did the media ignore Bobulinki’s press conference and interview where he confirmed important information from the laptop.

It is as if the media is run by oligarchs who are in bed with China and the Democratic Party.

They ignored it because the soggy laptop story was an obvious disinfo operation.

If they had had a clue as to how to leak it in a manner that was realistic then people would have taken the whole thing more seriously.

We should censor China.

Almost like someone with a winning hand, after the flop, before the turn and the river.

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Since your news sources suck, I guess you haven’t heard. Hunter thinks it could be his soggy laptop. It’s not really an “angle” anymore.


Hunter Biden Admits Laptop at Center of Scandal Could Be His (

Yeah. I saw that.

What he didn’t admit to is getting drunk and dropping off the laptop to a random place in Delaware only to end up in the hands of Rudy.

This is what laptop truthers fail to understand.

That the whole thing was such an obvious disinfo op that whatever was real info on the soggy laptop was indistinguishable from what was planted on there

The provenance of how it came to be discredits the entire thing.

It was such an amateur hour in getting potentially damaging info out into the public sphere that rational people wanted nothing to with it.

The reason why the story never took off is because the clown show failed to get it out in a way that wasn’t such an obvious smear job.

That’s fine. I don’t care how they got it. Does it really matter if the man in the moon delivered it? The most important thing is it implicates the Bidens’ in some really creepy and illegal stuff. And it does. Because Hunter is no longer claiming it’s fake. If it was fake the FBI would have figured it out months ago.

That’s what laptop deniers fail to understand.

Yes it 100% matters

If the origin of the laptop is in question then the veracity of all of the info on the laptop is in question.

I have no doubt that there were true things on the laptop. I also have no doubt that there were false things on the laptop.

So given that the story of it’s origin is so obviously false, how does one discern the veracity of the info on the laptop?

See why no one serious wanted to touch the thing?