China bans plastic bags

China took an emormous step towards preserving their children’s future by banning single use, non-biodegradable plastic bags. The production of plastic bags thinner than 0.025mm will also be banned.



I can’t wait to read the responses.

Fantastic news.

Are single use, non-recyclable plastic bags banned in the USA?

Individual states or cities have restricted their use, regulated their thickness, or otherwise dis-incentivized them.

I’m surprised at how detailed the reference chart on wikipedia is for this: Phase-out of lightweight plastic bags in the United States - Wikipedia

The Chinese are good at this “We will ban plastic bags by 2020” meantime they are building 100’s of coal firing plants not only in China they are exporting them abroad to other emerging economies. But I guess the plastic bag pledge is the bigger news considering they haven’t done a single thing they have pledged. Trust in what communist China says :thinking:

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Good PR move that will have a nominal impact on the environment.

I did not like the plastic bags when the paper ones were phased out.

I came to accept the plastic. Never really liked how hard they were to separate or how difficult they were to stow away in a vehicle. They do have many secondary uses as lunch bags and dog ■■■■ collectors.

With printed newspapers disappearing we will need something to start fires with.

Pulp wood will be in demand. Trees are a renewable resource.

I would think their bigger investment would be in renewable technology.

Thanks @Auto129

…but, but…the plastic bags are saving the forests!!! It was the greatest lib idea of all time…amirite? :sunglasses:

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They are banned by individual cities… but across the nation the general view remains that we should not acknowledge climate change and thus pass all the burden of dealing with it to our children and grandchildren.

This will be seen as an enormously short sighed act of selfishness and cowardice by future generations.

That is exactly how they were sold!!


Having people re-use and re-use unsanitary bags at grocery centers will be much better!!


You remember that? Pine forests are renewable but hey…feelings…da, da, da, da, daaaaa…nothing more than feelings…:sunglasses:


I suppose you wear all your clothes one time and throw them away rather than risk the unsanitary possibilities of reused clothing.

Some clever scientist might be able to come up with a way to keep reusable bags clean… although it undoubtedly would be some liberal scientist at a liberal university.


The inventor didn’t invent plastic bags to be single use.

I know it is fun to poke at the Libs but the intent sadly did not match up to What happened

I can approach your frustration as my country’s Federal government is dominated by RWNJs who do not believe in climate change though most, if not all, state and territory governments have banned single use, non-recyclable plastic bags.

If you have an idea, follow it through to the desired conclusion…period. That’s how biz works.

The market wanted disposable things.

That is what we got.