Child support scammers,why isn’t the democrats investigated on how they use tax money we pay they spent,

My brother was a good man he was with a girl that was smart about the process of how he government programs work she had kids previously with other men then my brother came into the picture and had three kids with her along with his kid too of course she ended up cheating on him she has all the kids from previous fathers and my brother on child support and she never wanted to get married hmm sounds odd right having all these children and moving on to new men that will never know about all the money she’s getting but still support her. My argument is once he found out about her cheating he left but he also wanted to get his things she calls the cops on him and he loses his career as an officer now he is on the road of drinking possibly drugs and never has money because of this woman that used him, and just recently I found out he tried to hang himself. I only want good for my brother and never want to see him in a bad situation, if there was a law passed I wish it would stop this victimization of the mother to use the father as pauns for there benefit it’s terrible to show what money has done to people as far as the mother to destroy these children’s lives for there benefit is terrible not just for my brother but for other situations that is a common theme for mothers to do, what’s is your opinion? Why is it that ones in congress s are freely open to use tax payer money at there disposal like Nancy piloci on her military flights shouldn’t that be investigated and that’s only one thing we all know what else are they spending it on

I think step one is admitting brother made a rotten choice in choosing to make babies with a woman who already had other mens’ kids & knew “how government programs work” to make them meal tickets.


He was making babies with a woman he hadn’t married and who already had babies from other men?

Don’t care, couple of gutter dwellers, he’s not better than she is.

O P This isn’t meant to insult your brother. I think he would benefit from reading some of Dr. Laura Schlesinger’s works, starting with “10 Stupid Things Men Do to Mess Up Their Lives”.

It would help see where he made a bad choice & how to pick up the pieces of his life once he sees his error.

I tried reading that put the wall of text and lack of punctuation gave me a headache. Something about child support and a cheating wife.

Periods and commas are free of charge.

Are you advocating the people make use of “free stuff”?

Sounds to me like period and commas are the stuff of socialism!

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This is why I will never marry or have kids.

My opinion is that the ones in congress need to be more freely open in the use of tax payer money like Nancy piloci on her military flights we need to investigate that woman immediately so that we can find out all that she is spending it on. There are too many good officers like your brother who victimized by mothers who game the system by having children in order to get a meal ticket this is wrong and I think the government needs to pass legislation that will discourage paying child support there is nothing worse than when people cheat on their significant others and especially when they do it to make money and it should probably be illegal. Kids do not just make themselves this is a real emergency I’m sorry about your brother and the kids that he made hopefully they will have a better live than he did and not make mistakes which they have to pay for the rest t of their lives

You base your life’s direction on an anonymous stranger’s anecdote on an Internet message board?

No on statistics of marriage failure and being forced to pay alimony and child support forever. A lot of people my age are opting out.

It’s like playing Russian roulette with 4 bullets in the chamber.

“A lot of people my age are opting out.” May I ask your age?

I have a first cousin in Atlanta, a judge.

He opted out of marriage & any children during his stint in Family Court, observing the antics of various divorcing couples & parents.

My cousin is in his 60’s.