Child Separation Master Persuader response to Democrat Resist movement

DemoRepublican Swine feasting on $$$ for cheap labor have managed to stop Trump’s wall so far.

A master persuader doesn’t get pushed around by such corrupt mental midgets. When they refuse to negotiate to fix problems with immigration, he changes the paradigm.

Just as Trump brought the Wall into everyone’s mind, so now it he documenting why we need it, via outcry about children being separated from their parents.

Emotion, visual persuasion, simplicity and constant repetition will make the “plight” of these children paramount in everyone’s mind. Everyone, Democrats and Republicans demand will demand “get it fixed”.

The establishment rarely fixes money generating problems, it ends the cash flow. Proof of that, when Democrats had a super majority they could have easily rammed through any open border law they wanted, Obama would have signed it.

But they did nothing on immagration, that would have ended it as an vote getting issue.

Same with Child separation. Trump’s immigration deal closing all the loopholes, fixing DACCA would fix child separation also, but that would end the vote getting and $$$ from Kstreet.

To overcome that, Trump has created a visible crisis that will consume the media 24/7 and generate a tsunami of demand “it get fixed.”

Trump just needs to wait till the establishment is compelled to negotiate with him and fix the problem.

That will happen soon.

Trump the Master Persuader, is overcoming the pigs of Kstreet, the DemoRepublican party.

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Lol - the only 2 ways Trump know how to “persuade” anyone is through money or intimidation. If neither of those work, he just hurls insults and moves on to the next deal.


Trump is the master swamp filler. He’s not overcoming the pigs of K Street, he’s the king of K. Street.

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So politics via the suffering of children?


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This from a guy who named himself “Born Again Christian”?

I know my Christ. This is not of Christ. It’s of Satan.

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Donald exploiting children to outflank establishment politicians?

Eleventy dimensional morality!

No. The issue will be fixed by Trump, the right way. Trump is accomplishing everything, letting the swamp creatures paint themselves into a corner where they must deal.

You seem confused, real your own OP and you make it clear he is using the suffering of children to push his political agenda.

A wall would help these poor kids.

The entire issue is manufactured, by the left. They never said a word when Obama separated kids in worse conditions for longer periods of time. Not a peep.

They don’t care about the kids, its an issue they thought to use for the midterms, period.

Trump really wants to fix the border and immigration so its sane. And he will. The swamp is painting themselves into a corner, the disinformation works only on them.

Most of the silent majority is on Trump’s side, you don’t know that cause its not reported.

The swamp and media feed their own delusions, the media will make it seem like America is mad at Trump, and the Swamp and Media will (confirmation bias) conclude that is true. Then the most important thing to maintain power is to fix it.

Then they must deal with Trump. They created the fire under their own ass forcing them.

That is, Trump knew they would use the issue. So, he made it happen.

How are you not embarrassed yet by Trump…or by your own idiotic ramblings. You call yourself a born again Christian…Jesus Saves? Really…while kids are separated from their parents held in warehouses…you idolize, protect and DEFEND the president’s actions??? Seriously?

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Slander is of Satan.

Trump didn’t change policy. He’s doing precisely what is the law and when Obama did it the left didn’t utter one peep in objection.

There is nothing nefarious or evil. The only kids being separated are where the adults are NOT the parents or they adults are breaking the law.

Just as with anyone jailed for breaking the law, the kids are cared for elsewhere. They don’t go to jail too.

The entire issue is manufactured by the left for politics.

Trump is letting the left light the fire. But he will reveal their hypocrisy and their lies. There will be a point where the left, having burned their own ass, will have to deal with Trump.

The master persuader knows the left better than they know themselves.

CONservative, surely you know Obama separated kids for as much as six months. Why didn’t you object then. In 2015 there were many reports, where was you outrage.

And now, when Trump has made sure these kids are being treated far better than Obama did, out comes the cognitive dissonance.

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Normally I would just ignore your ignorant ramblings but blatant lies like this demand an answer. If there was not a change in policy, then why did the DOJ issue this press release?

I will agree with you, he is a master persuader of your kind…

Trump is even more popular with this story going on. People are saying, finally someone is upholding border laws…

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Dems stratagem has been to separte American children from fathers and put the family on welfare.

Certainly planned parenthood separates children from moms…

Cite the Executive Order or whatever with Trump’s name on it, or anyone of his administration, that said separate kids from children.

The laws are made by congress. Obama played with those laws, sometimes doing what he took an oath to do, othertimes ignoring them.

All Trump did was enforce the same law Obama did, and stop playing games with those gaming the system.

Kids are not separated from their parents unless parents broke the law.

If you don’t like the laws Democrats signed onto, and were passed long before Trump got there, then tell democrats to stop the “resist” bs, and make new law Trump will sign.

One that includes his fixes for the border, including the wall.

I agree.

Like Election night, they won’t believe the polls over 60% side with Trump on immigration, including many Dems and Independents. Its overwhelming a winner for Trump but they cannot see it, confirmation bias.

Their media distorts reality the whole country is mad at Trump, they repeat that lie so much they believe it themselves, and so do swamp creatures in Washington.

They lit the fire under their own ass with the distortion of this, when they invented this crisis. Trump will play them like a fiddle to get what he wants.

I predict it happens real soon, as the polls indicate what a loser this is for the Dems.

How is DACA going to fix child separation. It’s going to be limited to those already in the program or it should be.