Child Saves Mother

Should I?

Seems you have something I should learn.

Mind being less cryptic about what vague point you are making?

You just posted this in a thread about a case where it actually happened.

Go away.

Are you triggered? Can you tell me what the trigger is? Or is that too personal?

Go read it and figure it out for yourself. And next time read it before you post it.

This is getting good.

You are being rather vague. I need more details to understand how I have triggered you.

You’re right. You’re always right. You’re too smart for me.

Have a nice night.

No such data exists.

You too.

I am not always right.

I am often not right.

Those are the times I keep that ■■■■ to myself.

Then there are times I think I’m right, and I fight for what I think is right, and it’s not. I try to own up to those times so I can learn from them.

I simply replied because while I can understand the premise of this thread, I also realize the conditions we are privy to.

If we read the article at face value, a 5 yo gave his mom a gun and she shot an abusive man with it.

One part is good. She protected herself.

But the other part is scary. How does a 5 yo have access to a loaded gun?

That is why I posted info on accidental gun injuries/deaths for children.

I have gun in my home.

It is a rifle.

It is locked up.

The ammo is in a separate place.

Sure, it would take me a bit longer to get that stuff together to protect myself, but I have a 5 yo grandson who is very nosy.

She should have also have know how to call 911

I never posted in the old forum

What good would that have done to keep the man from killing the mother before the cops could get there?

What makes you think she didn’t and what good would it have done?

Good news but not a precedent setter.

Ok thanks.

Precedent setter?

May I ask which state you are from?

Not good for a 5 yo to have had access to a gun. Imo

Oh, yeah, that wouldn’t be part of my plan either. The point is because of the failed state and the imminence of the situation, the possible options were narrowed way down.

The child could have handed her a kitchen knife or something else. Would the result have been the same? Who knows.

Sometimes the good guys win.

When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

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