Chick-fil-A CEO lays racism on white christians

“Most of us, white people, we’re out-of-sight-out-of-mind oblivious to it," Cathy said about injustice against black Americans. “We cannot let this moment pass.”

maybe it’s because blm vandalized so many of their restaurants, but his pandering and ass kissing of the violent racist loser left (like what democrats do) can affect business by those who know right from wrong

i love their food. i’ll still go to there because if i avoided every idiot pandering to the violent black left, i’d have to go live in the Montana mountains

which i might do anyway

how about you?

anti-christian protesting left - like chick fila a now? pickles on the chx sandwich…; )

Montana time?


topic interest you?

…or maybe he’s right?


are all white christians guilty of being racist?

It does very much so but not because he was a darling like 30 seconds ago. He is right. He is pandering a bit probably. But the interesting part is that they have had no trouble Not pandering in the past. Something must have changed.

Your own OP says “most”. I don’t think that’s right. I think some.

Where did he say they were?
You are upset because he said we should try to stop racism, even if you don’t see it, it exists??

How is this even controversial for anyone??


i will never go to chik fil a

why not?

not enough pandering?

i want no part of the religion they preach.
im happy as a minister in another denomination

does that religion worship a christian god?


Bingo…in some Trumpers mind racism no longer exists and is a fabrication of the “left” so to see a CEO from an openly conservative establishment say it does and should be stopped confuses and angers them.


Who said they all were?

no trumper thinks that

who said someone said they all were?

I for one am happy to hear that you acknowledge that racism does exist and should be stopped, let’s applaud this CEO together

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i do think that. theres always going to be racism

but i am not going to pander to them by shining some black guy’s shoes.

would you?

What do mean now?