Chicago Postal Workers Threaten Delivery Stoppage

A 24-year-old letter carrier is in critical condition after being caught in a gang crossfire, and Chicago postal workers no longer want to put themselves in danger delivering mail to the south side. Given the 2020 emphasis on mail-in ballots, do the deteriorating conditions in Chicago now qualify as actual voter disenfranchisement? What steps should Mayor Lightfoot take to protect the integrity of the electoral process?

Now somebody has decided to shoot mailmen for some reason.

A post office guy said, “We’ll do rain, sleet and pandemics. We’re not doing bullets.”

I don’t blame them, talk about a sitting duck.

Be interesting to see who is doing it.


This is horrible.

Please stop this escalating violence. D must embrace the police and PROSECUTORS and the rule of law.

How long will they keep putting democrats in power. Don’t they care about the death’s of so many children in these cities? Obviously, the dems have no solutions for these problems.

and don’t mention Soros is buying these prosecutors on Fox… it’s forbidden …


It’s cynical thinking, but I hope that this might actually wake up local leadership solely because of election concerns. Quelling the violence would probably be a secondary goal at best, so I’m not crossing my fingers.

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While everyone has been blathering on about cops and brutality all summer long people in Chicago have been dying at the hands of gang crossfire. Paramedics won’t go certain places without cops, kids killed sleeping in their beds, and now mail carriers shot down on their routes.

Do any lives matter anymore?

Just asking for a friend…


Do you know what…the gang bangers and criminals could give a good damn who’s in charge.


Wut, don’t they realize these people deliver gobmint cheese checks, too?

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But if a Republican comes into office, Chicago’s crime will drop to 0.
Republicans have the magic answer.

What makes you think those people are on welfare?

Which you won’t learn about until they get into office… but it always ends up being cutting taxes on the rich.

The status quo for the past 70 years certainly isn’t working. What makes you confident that another 70 years of Democratic rule will change things?

What great and mighty plans have Republicans put up that will solve the woes of city crime?



I’ll grant that It wouldn’t hurt for them to articulate a vision if they were serious, because the Democrats don’t care to resolve the issue.

Yes…but only if they died at the hands of a white police officer.

The issue is Republicans think its all simple.
Cities are really complex. There’s a lot that goes on. Probably a lot that Republicans have no idea about.
This isn’t Barney Fife having to scold a kid for stealing bread in a 10 person town.

I don’t believe it’s simple, but ignoring the issues for decades under one party rule isn’t a solution either. I’m in Chicago often on business, and the complexities do indeed get distilled down into talking point fodder. That doesn’t excuse years of corrupt leadership and a failing track record - something has to give.

I don’t think its officials ignoring issues. Sadly, officials are going to tackle the areas that get them the most rewards with the least amount of effort. Police do their best to patrol the areas, but that is only a minor deterrent. Changes come from multiple angles, and most is grass-roots or organic.

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