Chicago. Mayor's words. Guns and looting

So the mayor is blaming Trump for not using federal authority to control the instruments of violence used by criminals in her city.

Does she think that these guns were delivered to criminals only during the Trump administration? Can her local government not issue laws suitable for her city? So the absence of FEDERAL laws is the problem, according to her.

But wait… let’s look for intellectual honesty from the mayor. Who does she blame for the looting? The makers of bricks and bats used to break windows? The President for not regulating bricks and bats? No… she recognizes the fundamental truth here. Lawbreakers break the law.

How can people support such logically inconsistent opinions from the mayor?

Wouldn’t a better solution be for her to take responsibility at the level appropriate for her city? I mean… We don’t have a problem with gun violence nor looting where I live. Why does she?

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That is just absurd.

It is a result of defund the police and lack of enforcement on the local level.

Did the organizers leave Portland to feed on a larger target?

That was some vile and organized theft. The FBI needs to find the organizers.


The left is making crazy statements now. They want to wait for Trump to do something. When he does, we will see headlines urging people to "RESIST TRUMP’S GESTAPO POLICE STATE ".

Even Chicago voters know ■■■■■■■■ when they see it. I would not be surprised this November to see Chicago actually go red (I mean with republican votes… not blood. The democrats have already made sure it’s red with blood.)


silly, bricks can’t do anything, they have no moving parts.

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Yeah…look at all the owners of legal guns committing these acts of violence…amirite?

Until the citizens of Chicago stand up…as well as all citizens of lib run cities whose leaders are not protecting them from this violence, they are complicit. This is exactly why the 2nd exists. Stand up for what’s right.

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When idiots down at city hall pump up their chests and suggest they are going to “defund the po-leece”, release criminals after arrest and instruct precinct commanders to not allow officers to do their jobs? Well you get emboldened criminals who could give a rats arse about anything but their next theft, rape or murder.
Keep voting for the idiots , been working out well huh?


Because they’re libs.

The libs will vote for all these idiot pols in the next cycle because they’re THEIR idiots!

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Yes libs only do this :rofl::rofl:


Haha. Good one.

He said they’re their – which is correct. “They are their idiots” is grammatically correct.

Leave the spell checking for others.

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I stand corrected.

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Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago finally came out and spoke out against the violence, looting and rioting…only after when they hit some of most prestige parts of Chicago.

Don’t you fine it odd of her saying it’s “an assault on our city”? Chicago been under assault for 2 months now.

“We are waking up in shock this morning,” Lightfoot said. “These individuals engaged in what can only be described as brazen and extensive criminal looting and destruction. And to be clear, this had nothing to do with legitimate, protected First Amendment expression.”

They’re your supporters Lightfoot. You shielded em, protected em when they were burning down Black parts of Chicago…but moment they started hitting your base financial (donors) that’s a no no.

Do Black in Chicago think she cares about them? :rofl:

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Anti gun laws could be passed at the municipal, county or state layer before getting to Trump. We’ve seen that type of argument before…doing nothing at any of the Democrat layers of government to blame the Federal government a thousand miles away.
Make it as illegal as the Supreme Court allows…in Illinois. Nobody is stopping them Of course…guess who’s going to have to enforce those new gun laws? The same people they want to defund. Or are they going to have social workers to meet with gang members to convince them its the right thing to do?

Actually, reread what I wrote. I said “they’re THEIR idiots.” As in “the are THEIR idiots.”

I had both “they’re” and “their” there.



Only libs (or idiots) vote for lib idiots. Absolutely true!

Curiously you implicitly agreed with my assertion that these pols are idiots. I give you a big thumbs up for that!

I stand corrected. My apologies.

In essence it’s a tit for tat kind of thing. He blames her for Chicago’s COVID issue…when it’s like 7% rolling average…and just a 1/2 hour drive to the SE, we are struggling to keep our rolling average below 8…So she turns around and throws back…and well what we have learned is that POLITICIANS blaming each other for ■■■■ has led to nothing getting accomplished.

The Police Superintendent hit the nail on the head. They make arrests and the States Attorney’s office chooses not to prosecute. Kim Fox Cook County States Attorney has openly said that she will not prosecute…just like she did with that Jussie Smollet case. So with arrests happening and no punishment, the police are at a loss. Maybe that is why you saw such slow response times last night while this looting took place. Maybe Gucci, Which got cleaned out on Michigan Avenue. Nothing left…or other big stores will start placing some of the responsibility back where it belongs squarely on Ms. Fox. Until that happens and they start prosecuting those who get arrested and hold them to real consequences…this will continue. ANd it’s not Trumps fault…it’s not the Mayors fault…This is a Chicago issue that is decades old.

Like Portland, Chicago needs to have its mayor arrested.

I blame the umbrella man for everything. What was his name again?

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Why would she need to be arrested? For what. Look I am not a huge Lightfoot fan, but she has been left a huge ■■■■ show by Mayor Emanuel and Mayor Daley. I think Jane Byrne might have been the last good Mayor in that town.

I will agree that this is all a product of a do nothing political machine that is based on nothing but patronage politics and Corruption that is not coming home to roost.