Chicago hospital shooting: Shooter dead, at least 3 others wounded, including police officer, at Mercy Hospital

He was walking with a woman. Shot and killed her and then just started randomly shooting (at police, hospital employees, etc). Hospital was on lock down. The shooter is dead.

It doesn’t say she’s dead and that doesn’t match your headline.

That’s a very poorly written article.

Chicago obviously needs more gun laws…

Better article. Looks like 3 dead. I don’t count the murderer. ■■■■ him.

A second officer was also shot at, but the bullet struck his holster and embedded itself in his gun. The officer was not injured.

Lucky! He needs to buy a ticket.

And more murder laws

They’ve started naming the victims and the sorry assed murderer.

One of the articles said the gunmen had a concealed carry permit. Does Chicago issue those?

Watching live coverage on WGN in Chicago. Long several mile long procession to Cook County Medical Examiner office. Hundreds if not thousands of officers from Chicago and the Suburbs. Very sad and somber. Another officer dies running toward danger trying to save strangers from mayhem and violence. God bless Officer Jimenez and his family.

Watching Chicago’s finest choking back tears as they listen to the mayor talk about these deaths. Courageous men and women!

Just a proud, law abiding gun owner. Til he wasn’t.

Where are you seeing that?

Where’s the NRA? Shouldn’t they be busy telling those doctors trying to save the lives of their dying colleagues, Dr. O’Neal and Dr. Less, as well as Officer Jimenez, to “stay in their lane”?

That’s a rather bizarre comment.

Maybe. That’s how it works. We are all law abiding. Until we commit a crime. Even you.

Come on…

“Sources say…” is what I found.

lol - Hey, you know something about him that I don’t I’ll happily stand corrected.

What a wonderful world it will be when everyone is a law abiding gun owner. Shootings will never happen again.