Chicago Alderman charged with extortion

50 years as an alderman, and it looks like the owners of a Burger King franchise are the one’s to take him down.

For a little light reading you can read the charges and see how as long as the Fanchise company was “playing ball” in contributing to the Alderman’s political frends, and promising to give his tax company work, things got approved. The company didn’t do what they said they would (in regards to giving his company their business) and the Alderman stopped work.

Doesn’t look good for the Alderman. But if you google him, you can see this is nothing new for him. Just finally got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

He’s been getting by the fed’s by the skin of his teeth for years through multiple investigations. This time it appears his goose is cooked.

Yep. He had been raided countless times previously. The wiretap will do him in this time. Good riddance.

What a whopper of a story. He’s in a pickle. Hope he fries for this.


Could have something to do with President Trump.


ANYONE using their office for personal gain should get equal treatment. ANYONE.

Yeah. He was Trump’s Chicago tax guy for over a dozen years. Until a few months ago.

Corruptness in Chicago? That’s just not possible. lol.

Chicago is a highly Liberal area, and the Democrats would never do anything
corrupt. lol. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::rofl: