Chevron seeks relief from Trump’s Venezuela oil sanctions

Well, here’s something I didn’t know…

“Sanctions imposed by the Trump administration in January barred US companies from dealing with any arm of the Venezuelan government or entities controlled by Maduro, but Chevron and some oilfield-service providers including Schlumberger Ltd. and Halliburton Co., were granted permission to continue operations until late July.”

Chevron leadership has been telling staff that Trump will let them continue on after July even though Trump says that oil sanctions are the best way to punish that country. I guess he wants to make sure that that country doesn’t take control of more oil in that country.

I guess Chevron doesn’t want to MAGA!

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Trump should make the tariffs even higher for Chevron leadership’s audacity to challenge him.

They were given an exception that expires in July but the execs expect it to be extended and…are putting their money where their beliefs are so…don’t light your hair just yet? :sunglasses:

On the ground, Chevron is moving forward with needed investments at its main Venezuela projects amid the uncertainty.