Cherokee Nation to appoint delegate to US House of Representatives

I have no reservations.

:rofl: no it isn’t.

Yellowstone must be more popular than I thought.

Its a treaty, not a constitution.

To be fair… the US has ignored the treaty since the day it was written. The Cherokee got screwed.

I support them finally trying to use any lever of power that they can to protect themselves.

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I will simply stick with my previously enunciated views regarding Native Americans.


Yeah, they trusted Centgov. The same thing you © demand I do.

Protect themselves from what?

You are cheering a sovereign citizen community inside the boundaries of but outside the jurisdiction of. How about we give that to the ranchers?

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Sexual violence and human trafficking for one thing.

Native American women are 10 times more likely to be murdered than non-Native. There are a bunch of similar statistics, but one that I find curious is that typically the victim and perpetrator of sexual violence are the same ethnicity, but 86% of perpetrators of violence against native women are non-native.

One component is this is that tribal courts on reservations can not prosecute assaults committed by non-tribal members. Un-equal protection under the law is REQUIRED by U.S. law. (Its no surprise that this de jure inequality is to the disadvantage of the Native Americans.) The DOJ declined to prosecute 67% of the sexual assault cases referred to it.
There are various work-arounds, like the Tribal Law and Order Act and provisions of the Violence Against Women Act. But both of these requrire periodic renewal. (“Let’s make justice less unequal. But only for little bit. If equality works out, we’ll renew it. If not, we’ll go back to inequality.” is a weird thing for the US congress to say about justice.)
The Tribal Law and Order Act created DOJ liaisons for each reservation, but the funding for new DOJ lawyers didn’t happen. Liaison-ing was added to the job of already overworked lawers (i.e. nothing got done.)
The provisions of the Violence Against Women Act that effect Native Americans are tied up with other groups, so that disagreements over protections for transgender or illegal immigrant victims are joined with protections for aboriginal victims. The current reauthorization bill passed the House and is sitting in the Senate, where leadership has said it will sit and sit and sit. Concern over trangender issues? Immigration issues? GOP Senate trolling the Dem House? Racism against Native Americans? What ever the reason for this inaction, the current re-authorization of the Act will expire on Dec. 21, bringing us back to the situation where native victims have less protection from the law than non-natives.

I don’t know of any law that says “the accused isn’t a rancher, we can’t prosecute them.”

That is only one of the situations where the tribes need to protect themselves.

link: Legislative Update – 116th Congress (2019-2020) | Indian Law Resource Center

Side rant:

Sen. Warren is an ass. As a sitting senator, she has not been railing against McConnell to bring the VAWA Reauthorization to a vote. Instead she introduced a bill to strip Congressional Medals of Honor from US soldiers at Wounded Knee. She’s more interested in stripping medals from long dead soldiers than she is in getting legal protection for living people.

Sen. Warren is an ass.

Now that…was funny. :laughing:

…atta girl. :sunglasses:

I find that curious as well. Can you provide a valid source please.

So you are in favor of a nation within a nation?

Perhaps that is why they have the problems they do.

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I’m not sure what you consider valid.
I start with Wikipedia (“Missing and murdered Indigenous women”) as a summary
“In the United States, unlike other demographics where perpetrators are most likely to be from the victim’s own community and ethnic group, Indigenous women are usually sexually assaulted, stalked and preyed-upon by non-Natives.”

or the DOJ report it is (indirectly) linked to. Page 19 lists this data

Percentage of victims experiencing sexual violence by an interracial perpetrator
Native women victim - 96%
Native men victim - 89%
Non-Hispanc white woman victim - 32%
Non-Hispanic white man - 27%

Percentage of victims experiencing sexual violence by an intraracial perpetrator
Native women victim - 21%
Native men victim - 29%
Non-Hispanc white woman victim - 91%
Non-Hispanic white man - 91%

About the “nation inside a nation”. I don’t know enough to craft a forever-fix.

But the GOP senate has sat on the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2019 since April. They would rather give Native women un-equal justice than (I’ll let them fill in the “bad thing” that is worth the price to be paid by Native women.) And that they aren’t even working to fix the bad thing, they are just sitting. (The pending 21 Dec. race based unequal protection before the law doesn’t seem to effect them or anyone they care about.)

The way I see it is that they should immediately let them have representation in both houses. Once hey see how great republicans are, and how they have their best interests at heart, they’ll have even more votes.


If they were, then they wouldn’t have a right to vote. However, if tribal members get to vote along with everyone else in Congressional districts, then the members already have their representation.

The Cherokee Nation is a sovereign.

They are also citizens of the United States.

The tribe still exists, so the treaties should stand.

No it’s not irrelevant.

Granting native american’s citizenship status so they could vote on their representatives (and a step above what the treaty called for) voting on senators to represent them fullfiled the treaty.

quasi sovereign nation.

Where they citizen, and allwed to vote on representation when the treaty was signed? If not, when they recieved the right to vote on representation, the treaty was fullfilled.

And if it says that in the treaty then I will agree with you, otherwise its just your opinion.

A close legal reading of the treaty didn’t keep them out of Oklahoma, I don’t see why it should keep them out of the House.