Check this out. Subpoena the house phones and emails


Just go back to CNN, it better suits you.


So that’s a “no?”


No, thats a go stick your head back into your steel drum and listen to the echos.


are you done with your whining conan?
thats not how america works.


If he was held in contempt of Congress he would in his own defense. You seem to want to drop the whole “he was responding to a threat to be held in contempt of Congress” part from your argument.


OK, so he patently refuses to comply with a Congressional subpoena for documents, Congress holds him in contempt, and you think that gives him grounds to subpoena personal records from Congress persons? In what freakin country does happen?


Uh, America? He would be able to in his own defense. That’s actually accurate. Because it would be correspondence with him directly related to the contempt charge.

They’d be saying, you’re in contempt because you won’t produce documents and he would say your own correspondence proves otherwise, kick it up.


No court would permit it, except maybe a far left court. What possible grounds could he use gaining such subpoenas in his defense against obvious contempt of Congress charges? Personally, i don’t see it. It doesn’t even pass a simple standard of logic.


That’s not how the legal system works in this country, breh. A defendant is entitled to all potentially exculpatory evidence.


Within reason. There is nothing exculpatory that would support such subpoenas.

Question : Did Rosenstien fail to provide Congress with documents they subpoenaed?

If he did fail to do so, then it is pretty cut and dried. Gaining personal records from members of Congress will not negate THAT FACT. In fact, any such attempt sounds remarkably like something a gangster would pull, " Either your signature will be on that paper, or your brains will be! ".


Why the hostility? You need a hug.


He doesn’t care one wit about the law, at least not when it’s being applied to him. He thinks he’s above the law.


Rosenstein wasn’t threatening to subpoena personal records from members of Congress silly.


If its e-mails, its personal. Even so, it would have no bearing on his contempt of Congress. None. Zilch. Zip. Nadda. Either he did not comply or he did. If he did not comply, any attempt to subpoena records from Congress persons would smack of obstruction.


This is idiotic.


Contempt of Congress rules over threat to subpoena records.

Who confirmed Rosenstein for Deputy Attorney General? Who has the power to call him in for questioning and fire him?

Congress is our voice in government. Why would you want the power of the people given to Mueller or Rosenstein? Does that even make sense to you?

This is why the Democrats must never, ever be in power again. They don’t know diddley squat about the Constitution.


Sessions defends Rosenstein from accusations of threat.

Republicans are firing back at Sessions over his defense of Rosenstein.


You didn’t answer my example question>Post 73. Thanks


If they do their jobs then yes, those are the carer professionals I want in there. The CEC is doing it’s best to make these two guys out to be evil and totally politically motivated. And it’s folks like you that are buying it hook, line and sinker.


Sessions is the one senior person in the Trump “inner circle” that, in my opinion, has held his integrity together.