Check this out. Subpoena the house phones and emails


Too bad lib…your kin is direct threat to our Constitutional Republic.

and thus why you must never again be allowed to have power.


So your position is Trump has said nothing to undermine the constitution? Or DOJ?

Libs aren’t in power… well there is one lib that has an R after his name… but other than that none. So why are you worried about them?


Think about what Trump has convinced you to do for him and get back to me about who is a bigger threat.

At least, if you’re still capable of independent thought.


Oh no, YOU tell US what Trump has convinced us to do for him.


Destroy the DoJ so that they’d leave him alone.

You see, Trump and his corrupt cronies shouldn’t be subject to the same laws as the rest of us.


Don’t think that is his purpose. He, like the rest of us, demands fairness and adherence to the law, from the DOJ. We did not get that from the Obama DOJ.


No one is arguing that there should not be oversight. But to believe that there should be oversight and evidence presented in an active criminal investigation is ludicrous. There are no guarantees that some with political motivations could pass along sensitive information regarding the nature of the investigation or the identities of people not yet interviewed. If Nunes thought that this would hold up in court he would already have it there. I have no doubt that his motivation (outside of passing confidential information received to the white house) is to further discredit the DOJ/FBI.


Hence the threat from Rosenstein. Congress is investigating the investagators to see if their motives are pure or just politics. The DOJ is supposed to be above politics, though we know they aren’t, still, they should not be so brazenly obvious.Do you know what Rosenstein’s threat is about? Contempt of Congress. He is not allowed under our Constitution to decide if the DOJ complies with Congress or not. Yea, take that to court and see how your legal theory flies.


So Nunes idiot staffers threatened Rosenstein with a contempt citation, Rosenstein pointed out accurately that if they charge him with contempt he’d have the legal right to subpoena their records to prove they’re full of ■■■■, and the staffers ran away with their tails between their legs to whine to Fox News about how he was mean to them?


Motive has nothing to do with facts. That is what the DOJ/FBI is tasked with. At the end of the investigation the validity of the facts can be challenged. And from the legal experts I have read, the oversight of an active investigation would be shot down in court.


Your experts are wrong.


That can also be read as an attempt to obstruct Congress in its lawful and Constitutional duties.


BTW, this could be the straw that broke the camels back that could end with his firing. Sense there is no chance dems would allow him to be impeached, the Congressional repubs may just demand Trump fire him.




Are you a lawyer?


Let me give you an example and see what you think. Congress does a oversight of an active investigation and demands all of the evidence and methods. Congressman X discovers that his friend is on the list as a witness to a criminal charge. Congressman X tells friend that the FBI is going to interview him. Friend is guilty of the crime and flees the country and is untouchable. Will justice be served?


As far as I can see, Nunes’ head staffer threatened Mueller with contempt of Congress and he shot back that he’d able to subpoena their records if that happened and now Patel or whatever has leaked it to make himself look like a victim?


You’re funny. And hysterical. And proof that the pendulum always swings.


Rosenstein has no legal reason to subpoena Congressional records or e-mails or anything else from Congress members. He does, however, have the legal obligation to provide to Congress subpoenaed documents. Refusal to do so is an impeachable offence.


Is this your informed legal opinion?