Check this out. Subpoena the house phones and emails


By design.


I mean seriously what is wrong with these people?!! Congress has oversight of the FBI not the other way around.


This isn’t an attempt at oversight. Don’t be so naive.


“Oversight”. That’s cute.

We know what Nunes does with the product gleaned from his “oversight.”


What you think, how you feel, is meaningless to the US Constitution. That goes for everyone else who seems to think its OK for a government agency to defy Congress.


Name me one ongoing investigation in the past where the DOJ/FBI has turned over evidence to an oversight committee. It isn’t done for good reason. I am surprised that you folks can’t figure that out.


So the FBI is above the law?


Anything but show why they started this massive campaign/Russia collusion conspiracy theory investigation to begin with.


Congress is not all powerful. The DoJ is member of a coequal branch of government. Disputes between these branches are fought at the judiciary, which is where Rosenstein plans to take it if necessary.


We all get to find out together when the investigation wraps up.


That’s exactly what Chuck and Nancy want you to think.


It’s the truth.


This is why YOU and your kind must never again be allowed to regain power.

Direct threat to our Republic.


Your unflinching, unquestioning obedience to your masters is a far bigger threat. You’re attempting to destroy the very foundation of the rule of law in order to protect your king.


I hope you pay attention to how this all plays out.


Whatever…we as a civilized free society must not ever allow your kin back in power.


You’re having a harder time masking your desire for political retribution.

Ask yourself why you’re fighting so hard to insulate your masters from the justice system.


Don’t care. We as free people living in Constitutional Republic must not ever allow your kin regain power…ever.


I bet you actually believe your own ■■■■■■■■ too. That’s what’s really dangerous.


The DOJ was created by Congress and subject to oversight.