Chaos in South Africa. Have heard about it? And Shows why we need the 2nd A

Seems you only get the world news if you go on youtube and such places and look. I’m not watching all day long but I don’t remember this being reported much in the US.

"After the imprisonment of the former South African President, Jacob Zuma, by his one-time ally and successor, widespread protests in his home state of KwaZulu-Natal turned deadly. Over a week of riots and looting, the city of Durban was left in flames. "

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It’s been reported by all the US News outlets… but finding it on Google owned YouTube is a good source too I guess.

There isn’t a lack of guns in South Africa.


Sounds like the mostly peaceful protests during summer 2020 in the US.

Why does every thread that begins “You won’t find this being reported anywhere” end up with someone showing how it’s being reported everywhere?

You would think posters would have learned by now not to start threads with those words.


Doing one 2 min segment is not covering the issue.

Goalposts moved. But, at least left leaning Vice is there to tell you what you need to know with the help of Google owned YouTube.

American don’t care about international news.

Americans don’t care about International news.

major war happening right now in Ethiopia were are the news reports!

Well that’s true.

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Surely the BBC World Service is available in the USA. If one is really interested, I would highly recommend it as a valuable news source.

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It’s broadcast every morning (mon -fri) on my local NPR station.


NYT and Washington Post covered it

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I’m touched by conservatives’ newfound interest in activism on behalf of oppressed peoples all over the world.

It brings a tear to me eye.

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And personally I consider Vice to have grown enough to almost be a somewhat major media outlet.

You can watch it on Showtime and Vice on TV (its provided with my package) it’s YouTube channel has 6.3 M subscribers and 1.8 B views.

They’re the closest thing we have to the BBC. A great news outlet to check out.

I wouldn’t broad brush all Americans. But I believe you might be correct in saying most Americans. We are simply too busy with our own daily lives to care about what happens outside of our small sphere of influence.

Prior to this thread, I had no knowledge about the chaos in South Africa. Even now I have no plans to bring myself up to speed. I simply don’t care.

When it comes to South Africa always remember that it is always two seconds from falling into racial and class civil war.

Violence in South Africa. Today, water is wet. That’s the mantra for that place.

Nor is a quick link. They know this. :wink:

People in the report keep talking about how this was not racial. As lots of black owned business was destroyed.

The most interesting part is since police protection broke down completely, the only way they could get gas back at the station was local business leaders arming themselves and securing the route and truck.

That’s was a very nice thing to do. Really helped out the people. That’s why we need the 2nd A.