Chaos in Mexico 114 Political Candidates killed

The violence in Mexico is one more reason we need to secure our border and it’s nothing new.

Seems like it’s heading inexorably towards failed state territory. But then it’s seemed like that for a while now.

Hard to fight an enemy that will track down your family and gut them on video.

Not really, just kill them.

Mexico has been a den of corruption and violence since the Spanish left.

We should have annexed it and cleaned it up over a hundred years ago.

It will never be a full failed state the cartel will never fully take over the government just keep killing anyone who doesn’t look the other-way there is a good Harry potter quote about this from when Voldemort takes over the government.

Ron: Why didn’t Voldemort declare himself Minister of Magic?

Lupin (laughing): He doesn’t need to, Ron. Effectively he is the minister, but why should he sit behind a desk at the ministry? His puppet, Pius Thicknesse, is taking care of everyday business, leaving Voldemort free to extend his power beyond the ministry. Naturally many people have deduced what has happened: there has been such a dramatic change in Ministry policy in the last few days, and many are whispering that Voldemort is behind it. However, that is the point: they whisper. They daren’t confide in each other, not knowing whom to trust; they are scared to speak out, in case their suspicions are true and their families are targeted. Yes, Voldemort is playing a very clever game. Declaring himself might have provoked open rebellion :remaining masked has created confusion, uncertainty and fear.

most of west will turn a blind eye if the tourist sector is safe and open for business similar to Cuba.

Ah, just send the army after them? That’s how you end up with a dead family.

If you want to expand south, why stop with Mexico?

And as long as they keep supplying all the drugs we consume :laughing:.

Better the cartels stay over there than grow over here.

God forbid we decriminalise and regulate.

with Canada legalizing weed next year ■■■■ is going to be bananas.

We took Mexico in the Mexican American War after we got fed up with border raiders from Mexico continually crossing the border killing Americans and stealing our property.

In a very short campaign we took Mexico city.

The mistake we made was giving it back.

Had we annexed it then the last hundred years of violence and corruption in Mexico would not have occurred.

Yeah the worm is slowly turning on that one thankfully.

Cartel has already been hit hard by several US states legalising.

We who? You’re in England aren’t you?

You could have had a century of “freedom fighters” for all you know. Alternative history makes for fun thought experiments, but it’s totally unpredictable.

Yes, where do you think we get all our drugs?

Sinaloa Cartel exports a lot here.

We did a pretty good job of putting down rebellions in the US again and again.

As long as MX remains a 3 class system, the Wealthy Aristocrats, the Gangsters, and the peons it will remain a corrupt and horribly violent state.

Resource wise it’s one of the two or three wealthiest countries on the planet but the corrupt system has kept it a miserably poor nation for all but a handful.

how do we help them without annexing?

Ask the queen.

The Queen of Canada is a Corgi named Peanut.

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Unless something has changed recently the Queen of England is still the official head of state of Canada.

wonder why we want people who chose to or are only able to create a system that permits this.

wonder why we are not more concerned with keeping such people out of this country.

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If they aren’t willing to fight for their own country what benefit would the be to us?