Chaos in Kenosha, WI Rioters are burning Car Dealerships, armed citizens are showing up defending their property from rioters

RichieMcGinniss a reporter on the scene has being almost shot he also had taken a person to near by hospital.
I was watching a stream of it. There were rioters trying to show up to a car dealership but then some armed citizens showed up, some quickly did not want to continue after they saw them.


It appears an armed citizen was defending the car dealership and opened fire on the rioter who was attempting to vandalize or burn the dealership down

Before this shooting took place, the rioters were planning to burn down their “next car dealership”

But lets vote for Joe Biden because Joe Biden wants to lawful American citizens to be unprotected. You would be also surprised during the stream there were few a black Americans who were there to protect the property.

I have to say that man was brave to stand up to rioters who claim to be fighting for BLM.


armed vigilantism what is this a bad comic book.


Well it appears that the police in a democrat held area and cities were on stand down again. The police showed up a bit way later. Just two cruisers i think saw. But what would be the point of arresting these rioters if they just release them without bail?

These democrats are doing a bad job in their cities and communities. I cant see why anyone now would want to vote for Biden after all this. Even in Portland riots are still happening. And rioters are still being released.

Whats the point of arresting someone if you just release them when they are send to a city police dep? i have never seen anything like this before, for someone who had studied a bit of law.

Why are they releasing a rioter even if they had a criminal background?

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Don’t listen, She is liberal. Not really American


because that is how bail works.


Easy stop looting and burning


Well why then did Jacob refuse’s to follow cop’s orders?!? there were two times in my life that i had being with cops but i never talk back to the police officers ever! unless they ask you a question. “Where are your papers?”
What Jacob did was a incorrect way how you handle or deal with police officers. If someone has a warrant over them the police have a right to show up to their residence.

Maybe Mr Blake understood, viscerally and in a way most non-Black people don’t really contemplate, that obedience to cops doesn’t make them safer. Or, maybe, like a lot of people when threatened with deadly force, he was scared.

The problem isn’t that untrained people act like they haven’t been trained. The problem is that armed, trained men - licensed to use lethal force - act like they’re untrained gunslingers.


Only option left if Gov won’t approve Fed help.

I thought this is what the agitators wanted. Civil chaos.

The riots are hurting her.


A rebuke of the looting was the first thing out of her mouth. Did you watch the video? It’s only 2 minutes long.

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I watched her and the rest of the family live yesterday. I’m not 100% certain she’s who you think she is, but that doesn’t really matter.

Nice lady. I wish her well.

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I thought her message was excellent.

The violence is causing her pain.

Yeah. She’s the kind of calm in a storm that people should seek out. Instead some will hold her up, and then continue to ignore or even encourage more violence.

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All could have been avoided if the cop hadn’t shot someone 7 times for walking away.


That’s a much easier thing to prevent than trying to calm a crowd. Making sure it doesn’t happen again should be first priority for anyone who’s seeking peace.

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Or better yet, if the person HADN’T walked away at all.

You constrain the person authorized to kill his fellow citizen.

You don’t place the onus for not being murdered on the person who is not even permitted to speak sharply to the person who is sanctioned to kill, else a rafter of ■■■■■■■■ charges are used to intimidate.


Funny I see news stories all the times of police chasing after people who decided to flee. Chasing, no gunshots, just running after them in pursuit.

Why is this different?