Changes to Address the Problems Exposed by George Floyd's Murder

So, changes are beginning to occur. The President issued an EO, mayors are issuing new policies, NYPD is disbanding their plain clothes mob.

The House has a bill. Tim Scott is leading one in the Senate (apparently doesn’t address qualified immunity). A lot of government paper.

Most of what I hear, I like. The idea of sending social workers to 911 calls is of course stupid, it will last until the first one gets stabbed.

But all in all, I think the tide has finally turned a bit. It will be interesting to watch play out. The unions are very interesting.

Having said that and for this to work, there’s going to have to be some changes on the other side as well. The crime statistics demand it if real change is going to stick.

The 6% of the population convicted of 60% of the murders is going to have to do better. If we’re going to have community policing, the community is going to have to participate.

If we want less policing, we have to assume more responsibility.

To the police officers of America I say, the old ways are no longer acceptable. Tone it down and respect us as citizens - equal to the respect you demand from us. Follow the Constitution. Everything you do is being filmed and you don’t have control of it.

To the police managers of America: you have to change your expectations. We…the People, don’t want drunks like Rayshard Brooks shot for being drunk. We want him put in an uber, his car impounded and his penalty limited to the cost of the tow and impound. At least for the first offense. We don’t want citizens killed for a $20 bill or selling cigarettes or shooting a bb gun. We damn sure don’t want 12 year-old kids shot on playgrounds for playing with toys.

It is time to shift from the authoritarian high modernism. You can’t control us and now we know it. Wind your collective necks in.

Men of America, it’s time to stop being absent. Step up and do your part. Raise your children and fulfill your responsibilities.

Women of America, no you can’t.

There is still a lot of work to be done. The problem will not be resolved with paper or by pols. It comes down to execution at the point of contact.

Hopefully the judiciary will take the “hint”.

Since the problem isn’t racism, I appreciate the efforts of those who peaceably assembled to protest authoritarianism on my behalf.

The looters and rioters can go ■■■■ themselves


I’ve also heard something about no knock warrants, but didn’t catch the details.

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 7:00
Saturdays 9:00 - 12:00

For misdemeanors, publish them on a website and give them a report time.

I’d like to see dash-cams, inside-the-car-cams, and body-cams always on and streaming live to the public. Better battery tech (i.e. graphene) is needed for the body cams, but the tech is well within affordability and feasibility for the vehicles.

big brother is watching you and you demand big brother watch himself…

we’ll see unedited live police shows… oh they’ve been canceled?

Chauvin will go down in police history.

It’d be nice to have a drone per cruiser that is remote controlled by dispatch/drone duty and is activated once a unit responds. No facial recognition or AI, just remotely controlled to provide another POV of all engagements.

MLK Jr is crying tears of joy.

LOL dash cams always on and streaming live to the public? Do you think these state troopers ride up and down the roadway all night?

Put it on a live stream and let’s find out. :wink:

I will do my part. I swear that to you. My kids will know better. I will be better. My wife feels the same.

In the end though, it will not matter. You’re wrong, I think, when you say they hear us. The “powers that be” will use this, twist it, and hijack it for the continuation of their own power and the media will help them.

If some lives are saved then it’s worth it but 10 years from now will it really be better?


I haven’t heard one suggestion on how to get people to quit acting stupid with police. You don’t reach in their cruiser to grab their gun like in the Michael Brown case, you don’t grab their taser and fire it at them like what just happened in Atlanta.

While I am all for good police reforms which are being mentioned on this thread will there ever be any education ( Which most of us call common sense) on how to interact with police if one is either pulled over or about to be arrested?

A good case in point would be Michael Brown who lunged into the police car fighting with the police to get his weapon and was killed. The police officer who defended himself is still in hiding and under protection six years later why?


They want to send social worker / health professional on wellness checks.

Kinda missing the point.

I doubt it. I doubt he would be happy with the statistics.

I agree they’ll try.

Not really. Still need officers responding in some capacity in certain situations. This would supplement those instances.

My point is the other 2/3rds of the equation.

Nothing to find out. They don’t. I worked 5 and a half years on the same roadway as them. I was road maintenance. I can’t speak for other shifts, but we don’t drive around for 8 hours minus breaks on the midnight shift. Doesn’t, and never will happen. We drive around for about 2 to 2 and a half hours tops. The rest of the time we’re parked somewhere out of sight. Both of us, the troopers and maintenance workers on the roadway have radios they can contact us with at any time.

I’ll bet there’s a whole lot to find out.

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Interesting thought.

Might require some air traffic controllers (especially for events where a dozen cruisers respond, for example) else all those drones would start interfering with each other.

And wouldn’t each drone require a remote operator? So police budgets would need to be beefed up to accommodate this idea.

But imagine if a drone had been assigned to the Chauvin arrest! Eyes (other than just bystander citizens who had no authority to act) would have been on that incident right at the start. Eyes from the precinct (or from some drone oversight organization) would have been able to stop the abuse.

And “oversight” is a perfect word for drone vision of engagements!