Cesar Sayoc pleads guilty to mailing explosive devices to Trump critics


You remember this guy. Here’s a pic of him at a campaign rally…

That’s simply terrorism.

It’s nice to see that a supporter sending bombs to a list of Trump’s biggest targets was such an eye opener that he decided to tone down the rhetoric and treat the power of his office a bit more responsibly.


Lib plant. Fake news. He’s home eating steak and lobster.

That’s good news. Just glad he didn’t hurt anyone like the bernie volunteer/maddow fan who shot up a baseball field.

CEC plant

Go derail your own threads.

Republican Media has been saying that this guy disappeared completely from the internet and was probably paid off by the FBI and living the good life on a beach somewhere.

Yes, that was Rush and one of his stable genius callers last week.


Rush also said the NZ attack was false flag to hurt Republicans in America.

Let’s not let the fringe decide who we are. The vast majority of either party don’t support or would never do what these two men did.


This is where the modern GOP is.

Sick and sad.

Many democrats and their media allies claimed Steve Scalise deserved to be shot.

Sad, but this is just where the democrat party is right now.

who in the “Mainstream” media said that.

The alex jones wing of the right is growing larger by the year


A deflection and unsubstantiated assertion.
This is just where the republic party is right now.


Its all he has left

Egos are fragile things

Horse Hockey, Rush never said any such thing.

AJ is a leftwing/anarchistic nutjob.

Provide the quote in full context.

Limbaugh promoted the idea on his show by discussing it and he added “and you know you just cant - you cant immediately discount this”.

So yes he discussed the idiotic idea this was a false flag on his radio show and while not saying he believed it he told his listeners not to discount it.

And before anyone runs to the mods I am saying Limbaugh promoted an idiotic idea that is making the rounds not a personal attack on Limbaugh.