Center for Medical Progress - Jury awards PP over $2M

Killing babies is pretty routine these days, so prolly a few dozen at least.


Daleiden caused substantial harm to Planned Parenthood by infiltrating abortion industry conferences to secretly tape abortion doctors and staff

So their own words were what caused their own damage and in San Francisco, this is a problem. I can smell San Fran on the other side of this country.

U.S. District Judge William Orrick III ruled prior to the six-week trial that started in October that the jury may only consider information Daleiden had prior to launching his video project in 2012, and not anything he learned from the recordings.

This is beyond sickening and the total mindset represents what I despise. The jury was told they couldn’t consider what was actually found on the recordings. The truth didn’t matter…only that the law was broken.

William Orrick III is a judge for the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. He joined the court in 2013 after a nomination from President Barack Obama

Once again…I’m shocked…shocked I tell ya.

Updated title since the jury found they violated RICO… triple damages…

What a country!

Yep. The system works

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Does it? Strange.

I should note that if you listen to the UNedited versions of the tapes that CfMP obtained, Planned Parenthood did nothing wrong. But CfMP released the tapes heavily edited in such a way to to make it appear that Planned Parenthood was conspiring to commit a crime.

By editing the tapes, CfMP completely blew any guise of journalism they still had.

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About par for the course

That they kill unborn babies is morally wrong. Extremely wrong.

Where did you hear the unedited tapes?

That makes it okay to commit crimes to slander them?

Yeah, Lord knows we wouldn’t want to slander people who kill children.

Hardly the point. I asked if it was okay to commit crimes to do so.

What a country

It’s that good economy.

Slander? How do you slander a group whose main income is murdering unborn babies?

Isn’t that the truth!?:roll_eyes:

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Focus! Slander or not, is it now okay to commit crimes to go after those often viewed as immoral?

The real crimes are those going on inside the clinics. The murder of the unborn.

So you refuse to answer, got it.