Census Citizenship Question

Link to Opinion of the Court.

For the time being, the Citizenship Question will not remain, the Supreme Court sends the matter back down for further fact finding. They did indicate the Secretary gave an insufficient rationale for inclusion of the question.

Wait. I thought the question will NOT be included.


Yes- that’s what I thought, too.

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Let me reread that.

That’s what I’m hearing, too.

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I do know they partially reversed and partially sustained the District Court.

Which would mean this is a hug defeat for the Trump administration. Thanks Roberts! You deep stater you!!!


Sounds about right.
There’s still some hope with this Supreme Court.

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It is off for now.

Damn liberal SCOTUS! :slight_smile:

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I would like to see the Trump administration ignore the court and put the question in anyways. What is the SCOTUS going to do about it?

So the question can be included in the census, but not this census.

BTW, for the future, the Citizenship Question DOES NOT VIOLATE the Enumeration Clause or Due Process Clause, and could be put on future censuses.

It was rejected here, simply because the rule making was not done in the proper manner. But this decision leaves the door wide open for the future.

Pardon my ignorance, but how was it not done in the proper manner?

Yes, 10 years from now, but the US political landscape will be dramatically changed by then.

Saying it wasn’t done in the “proper manner” is being very polite.

Sufficient rationale was not provided when adding the question.

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I think this was the proper ruling by the court. I wasn’t completely against the citizenship question, but this administration has been sketchy as hell about the purpose for adding it.

I agree with you on that point.

I supported the question, the process used to add it was faulty.

The reasons given in opposition to the question are irrelevant. The fact that some people might break the law and refuse to answer the census is not a valid reason for not including the question, particularly as virtually 100% of those people are ALREADY breaking the law by being in the United States at all.

I disagree, there are millions of Green Card Permanent Residents (including my mother) who would hesitate to answer the question due to fear of repercussions.