Census 2020 - Here and Done

My Census arrived today.

I completed it online in less than 10 minutes.

I got a very short version.

Anybody else care to comment out their Census or the Census in general.

Ours is done.

I’m still ticked that the government bowed to political correctness and took out the question about citizenship.

It would have been nice to get an accurate account of “undocumented” people here in the US. Isn’t that what the census is for, to have an accurate count of everyone in the US so that monies can be distributed appropriately?

Why does the form differentiate between marriage between men and women and marriage between same sex couples. The legal status of all marriages is equivalent.

But that shows how traditional the approach was. There was a question about sex with two choices; rather than a question about gender that would have been more inclusive.

Trump may not have gotten his citizenship question but there were those restatements of culture war thinking.

Very quick on-line process.

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I got and filled mine out (online) last week.

I am the only person who lives in my home.

I’ve got two more in the mail this week.

What the hell. I havn’t got online to put in the “code” to see if they are me, or if they think other people are living in my home. Oh well, if a worker shows up, they show up. I ripped up the other two and tossed them.

The process was very quick and efficient.

I hope most people promptly fill out their Census on line, so we can minimize the number of Census workers having to travel to houses with the current epidemic in process.


You wouldn’t get a number of “undocumented” with just a citizen question. You would get a number of citizen and non citizens. They from the difference you would have to try and figure out how many are here legally (student, work, refugee, have a green card and all the other legal ways to be here).

That said, it would be nice to know the number of citizens.

Hmmm, my version was very thorough - required me to send nudes this year.

Seemed odd, but the letter said if I didn’t complete quickly, they’d send a census taker, and who knows how good of a photographer that guy would have been?

Anyways, I assume this will get Pennsylvania more representatives, so I was happy to do it.


It asked me the type of White person I am i.e English, Italian, etc. I was so tempted to type Wonder Bread.
Since I am biracial the other half being Black I also checked that box. I was going to go with Burnt Wonder Bread in that one.


Got mine. Haven’t done it yet.

Yes it is, taking out the citizenship question doesn’t prevent that.

Still in the envelope, for about a week now lol. Looks like a short version to me.

Huh. I haven’t got anything.

“The census is so important that your response is required by law, and your answers are kept completely confidential. If you do not respond, we will need to send a Census Bureau interviewer to your home to collect your answers in person.”


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: you should have!

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I just got the mailer, didn’t do the online thing yet.

Haven’t completed mine yet.

I wondered, since this is an online census, what of those citizens without computers? Normally they could go to a library and use their facilities but I’m guessing libraries are closed because of the virus (I don’t know that this is a fact). But if they are, it’s going to be impossible for those needing access to a computer to make the Apr. 1st deadline to complete the census.

That’s when a census worker comes to your house.

Will be interesting to see what the numbers are if they can’t do a house by house check.

Sending people from quarantined household to quarantined household. What could go wrong?

All that is in the envelope is your code and instructions to go online. You won’t know whether you get the short or long version until you actually go online and start filling it out.