Cell Phone Addiction Centers

They actually have rehab centers for cell phone addiction.
What’s wrong with treating it with a simple trash can - just throw the thing away?

Because it’s important to learn to deal with our addictions.

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Someone is always looking to make a quick buck. Good luck on trying to get your medical insurance to pay for treatment for cell phone addiction.

I can see it generating some revenue. There’s always a sucker somewhere. Me? I have a complete love/hate relationship with smartphones. I have been an iPhone user for about 8 years now. I can’t leave home without it. And I absolutely appreciate the fact that we can now carry around a handheld computer that is more powerful than my first 486 back in the day.

But…what I cannot stand is being forced into being an involuntary participant in other people’s conversations. I’m tired of walking through the grocery store and hearing people talk about the most ridiculous stuff. Save if for somewhere that there aren’t 50 within earshot. And secondly, I’m really fed up with trying to work with patients who are distracted by their phone. Or work with kids who’s parents are more engrossed in their phones than the tests I’m doing on their kid.

So smartphones have both advanced our world and made it worse. The power we have with them is great. But it has made people far more rude than before.