CEC is really pushing that cancel culture is a liberal/stalinist plot to destroy america while totally ignoring how often they try to cancel stuff. Is canceling ok as long as the "right things" are cancelled?

Conservatives trying to cancel Mitt Romney


as soon as. NYT columnist lefty ■■■■■■■ whines the movement begins

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censure is not cancel

stop digging

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john q leftywit

So someone you made up.

How is Elmer Fudd getting “cancelled”?

how is netflix getting cancelled?

how is samantha spider ugly bee getting cancelled?

notice the left never has any answers. just knee jerk reactions

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There was an actual attempt

I don’t agree that seuss is being cancelled because of just a random company decision but there was a movement to cancel Netflix because people were projecting perversion into a movie.

Lobbying to cancel. There is a petition and everything

Conservatives tried to cancel Taylor Swift when she came out as a lib.

shes political

dr seuss is a kids book

when will people grow up?

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And yet an adult in this thread is whining about it.

Dr Seuss canceled the books.

Conservatives are trying to cancel Samantha Bee. And tried with Taylor Swift. And were successful with Dixie Chicks

why dont you stretch a little harder

Remember that movie, “the hunt”

Conservatives cheered when it was canceled

dixies weren’t “cancelled” they stuck a dagger in the heart of their fan base because they were little lefty political pandering retards hopin to fit in with hollywood trash and they got what they asked for, hard


no i do not. but i dont consume hollywood lefty trash

i have a brain

And their music wasn’t played on country stations. Their label dropped them. They had their tour canceled.

All because of their political identity.

That’s fine…

Conservatives had it canceled… at least they believe they did.

conservatives cancel. but lefties dont huh?