CEC is really pushing that cancel culture is a liberal/stalinist plot to destroy america while totally ignoring how often they try to cancel stuff. Is canceling ok as long as the "right things" are cancelled?

Wasn’t the first victims of cancel culture the dixie chicks? Was watching Fox and they were going on about cancel culture for minutes and framed it totally as a liberal Creation. Do people really buy this? I don’t believe people have this poor memory.

Netflix… at least 2 times
Ice Tea

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Dixie chicks were the first example of cancel culture I can remember. And then anyone who said happy holidays was like the second.

Now they have forgotten all about that and can rewrite history with a straight face.

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Best way to handle “cancel culture” morons?

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dr seuss kids books
elmer fudd
ladies on syrup bottles
mr (meaning, male, born with a penis) potatohead
cartoon skunk

but, you go after those who don’t have mental illnesses.

of course


no. dixie chicks were not “cancelled”

they pissed off their fan base. that simple


All ended by decision of the companies

oh, the narratives we push…

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under political pressure from lefty morons

Nope. No pressure from anyone to cancel those cartoons. Unless you find an online petition?

i dont read posts that begin with “nope”

post like an adult or give up

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Conservatives trying to cancel the nfl

Conservatives trying to cancel Netflix

but lefties wanna cancel dr freaking seuss

Conservatives trying to cancel Samantha Bee

but lefties want to cancel pepe lepew

but lefties want to cancel elmer fudd

lets go all night

No we don’t. We didn’t even lobby to cancel the books they cancelled on their own

Do they now?

Name them.