CDC Will Collect Personal Data On Vaccine Recipients, Raising Privacy Concerns

I would think they would want to track those who do NOT have the vaccine.

Or are you saying they need to track those who only got the first dose? I can understand that.

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Okay. Not sure why you’re telling me.

I guess for the same reason you needed to tell me about mRNA. :man_shrugging:

mRNA is not a virus. It cannot ‘mutate’. There is no concern that it will mutate.

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If they want to get maximum participation in the vaccine, this is a stupid way to do it.

They should be concerned.

Especially when you learn who’s making the database and analytics dashboards for them…

I have seen nuts on Facebook and other social media who believe the mRNA snippets are actually going to rewire our DNA to make us more docile and reliant on government.

Not kidding.

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Still not sure why you’re telling me this. My post was about COVID mutating.

Thanks for sharing.

I agree with this- it’s the same reason we should have been paying much more stimulus to regular workers in the first place…once the decision was made to have partial lockdowns.

If we are telling certain people we don’t want them to work, we should pay them for not doing so.

It’d be like having soldiers fight for us and not paying them.

Where have you read this or seen this. Can you please link that, it is an interesting thought, I’d like to read more on.

But that’s what some people dispute! You could say property taxation is a choice, too, tied to ownership of property, so I don’t seehow appeals to language can establish either position as true/false.

Well that’s why I deliberately avoided the word “coerced” in my original reply.

I’m watching them vaccinate at NYU Langone facility. If it takes this long for everyone I’ll be dead and gone by the time it’s my turn .


The feds are doing this to help with the ‘phase 4’ coronavirus vaccine testing, which is when they stick it in your arm.

It’s so they can track actual vaccine effectiveness, and determine if there are any worrisome side effects that may have been missed in the earlier clinical trials.

Wish this didn’t have to happen, but this was only tested for 3 months, so…

Only to the extent you follow up on how many got both doses, how many later got sick with it etc.

Tracking their movements? No, never.

Well that certainly isn’t true.

China never allowed the CDC or WHO pandemic response teams in country.

The world had to wait on China to release the Genome.

We had our first viable test developed within 10 days of the CDC getting the genome.

The only fly in the soup was one of the reagents, supplied by a German Chemical Mfg was tainted and it proved unnecessary in the process anyhow so they simply stopped using it.

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