CDC, We have a problem

Don’t ask questions if you don’t want to hear the answer.

Are you implying that CDC didn’t want to know the answers?

Yes. What do YOU think?

Then why ask them? You make absolutely no sense.

Another lib that asked but didn’t want to hear the answer.

Let’s say it was half of the number. Why didn’t they publish the results?

Bloomberg’s Coven claims 13,000 gun homicides a year.

Is there anyway the CDC survey gave less than 10 times that for DGUs?

5 times?

The BRFSS data that includes this question is available to the public. The article claims that CDC “never bothered making public” the surveys. Which is false. The data is public available.

So what do you mean by not publishing the data?

It is now.

I can get all of the BRFSS survey data from the CDC website. Are you saying this data wasn’t available back in 1996 when the question was asked?

Are you saying it was?

They certainly didn’t want to publish the facts their own study produced because it didn’t jive with their anti gun propaganda campaign.

Because they were hoping for and expecting a different answer.

I think they were ordered not to.

Yes. I’m saying it was. The BRFSS is done annually. It’s not completed in secret. Results are not suppressed from the public.

All results from the survey are available to the public.

The results are available to the public. Nothing was hidden.

Tell me more about this conspiracy theory. Who ordered them to do what exactly?

Post a link.

Where then?