CDC: Stop Swimming With The Hershey Squirts

Okay, they wouldn’t have phrased it exactly that way, but …

You would think it would be obvious? If not a matter of courtesy?

But apparently not.

I don’t know about you, maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never thought “aw man, I’ve gotta gooooooo … to the public pool!”

Bad enough folks pee in them.

Thanks Ru for that lovely thought I found just after eating lunch.

I didn’t want to read that.

But the only thing I have to say is that this problem is a microcosm of a larger problem. If people don’t take responsibility for themselves, they do whatever they can get away with. If you could watch people by themselves, when the think no one else is watching, you will learn the true nature of who they are.

I work in retail so I learned real quick just how disgusting people can be in public restrooms.

I meant to open this thread awhile back, but never did.

Regarding cryptosporidium as mentioned in the linked article, most human beings, if infected, it passes through no harm done. It’s those who are immune supressed, for example, HIV+, it can seriously harm. Cryptosporidium in water all you have to do to access is push the button on a public drinking fountain caused deaths of a number of such individuals, including one HIV+ child, in Wisconsin a while back.

It amazes me what grown people must be told to do, though–Please don’t swim when stuck with diarrhea. Really? A government official must step in and tell people that? Sad.

Do you ever recall the In Living Color skit about the rules of the pool where there were all these truly bizarre rules that caused the would-be swimmer to blanch only to be reassured that there were just the rules? It included such gems as “no blowing snot blobs in the pool.”

That one ended up with no naked pigs named, IIRC, Collin in the pool.

At which point the swimmer asked, naked?

Yes, the attendant replied.

“Oh, good! Come on Collin!” he and a pig in a one piece bathing suit trotted into camera and followed him.