CDC and Infection Fatality Rate

I came across the article below that discusses the CDC’s Pandemic Planning Scenarios and the implications for infection fatality rate. For all you science buffs and medical peeps, is this promising evidence that Covid 19’s IFR could be lower than anticipated?

Until we have massive anti-bodies testing we won’t know. But it would be useful information for future events.

What I’m seeing is that when the “flu symptoms” pass and you think you’re cured…there may very well be parts of your body that have been damaged or will be…as a direct result of COVID-19. It’s manifesting itself in other areas that have not been fully exposed yet. This is an evil virus that being as contagious as it is, obviously didn’t come from nature. It was man made. Now…who made it and why?

Get off the ad hominem please.

So…anyone have anything helpful to contribute to the discussion of IFR’s? How to better protect the at-risk population?

Some trolls weren’t meant to last. Let them expire on their own, please.

0.04% fatality rate. This number has been thrown around since February IIRC.

I don’t have time to go through them today in order to congratulate the people who were correct the whole time. I’m off to the skies this weekend.

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That % would mean most of the US population has already been infected. I don’t believe that is the case.

Although, there’s growing evidence that this virus was here much earlier than February and March. I don’t think we’ll really ever know how many people have had it.

0.4%, not 0.04%.

Hush now. The 0.04% had real potential.

Actually Fauci in fact did say in Jan/Feb that in the end the fatality rate would be similar to a bad year of H1N1, somewhere between .04-.4%.

Italy Drs are reporting viral loads are down significantly in new cases, and Coronavirus in Italy is no longer a threat. This would speak to the estimation I posted a few weeks ago saying 10-20% of the population infected is all that’s needed to acquire herd immunity. They’re even doubting the possibility of a second wave.

10-20% link


Well…the good news is we have lots of businesses that were swayed into now making masks and ventilators so…“we” are in good shape there?

That’s great news! I hope we see the death of Covid as quickly as possible. I’m still wearing my mask until we hear otherwise. Best to be safe considering it is such a minor inconvenience.

Oh i think we know who made it. Why is a good question.

As this is dug into, I think those involved and where this virus was first developed, may surprise a lot of people?

Seems obvious the Chinese developed it…all denials on their part to the contrary.

There are questions regarding this and Dr. Fauci may know more about this than is currently known?

During a White House press briefing, a reporter claimed the Obama administration gave the virology lab in Wuhan $3.7 million in grant money in 2015. Various news reports, relying on the nonprofit White Coat Waste Project, also reported similar numbers. This is incorrect. The National Institutes of Health gave roughly $3.4 million to EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit research group, over the course of 6 years, including under the Trump administration. Of that $3.4 million, less than $600,000 was sent to the lab in Wuhan, EcoHealth Alliance spokesman Robert Kessler told PolitiFact.

I don’t care much for Fauci myself.