CBO releases Build Back Better score without sunset gimmicks, Cost Estimate is $4.9 Trillion

Well the no gimmicks CBO estimate is in and the price tag is $4.9 Trillion. Could add $3 trillion to the deficit.

Biden’s spending bill could add $3T to the deficit if made permanent, CBO says

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A trillion here, a trillion there, soon you are talking real money.

Does anyone else remember when Democrats used to say that adding trillions to the national debt was “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic”?


Now that we are out of war , can we cut pentagon budget by 1/3?

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But Joe Biden and Jen psaki and Nancy Pelosi all said it would cost zero dollars…

How can this be?

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Sure, if you want to end up in a war because someone thinks you military is hollow.

Discussion with Sen Manchin should get real interesting since he is on record that the Dem proposal was full of gimmicks.


Brandon has already explained that CBO isn’t qualified to make this sort of evaluation, the way he is.



And bring the troops home. I don’t see why we couldn’t cut it by 1/3. Nobody can touch us in terms of conventional weaponry, and if the nukes get us it won’t matter anyway.

Laugh if you want to, but it is folly to ignore history.

Let’s see the cbo report on the pentagon spending.

We could cut the DEI initiatives, the Green initiatives, the social engineering initiatives. None of those contribute to combat readiness.


Yeah, we could end up with armed forces with the capabilities of our NATO allies.

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How do we pay for it? And why should I pay for it?

Not an endorsement of the bill, but the same gimmick was used to get the 2017 Tax bill passed. They sun set the individual tax cut (not the corporate one) to get the CBO score they needed.

This is our new sausage recipe. Well, not new it was used even earlier than that.

Russia & China approve this message.

And it was just as deceptive a gimmick then as these are now.

So does our military industrial complex.

Are you asking why we should pay for national defense, or why we should maintain our current level of capabilities?

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