CBO Projects $3.7 Trillion Deficit

Things that make you go “hmmmmm” three

Where did i say I don’t support $3.7trillion deficits? Do you support Trump’s deficit?

Nope. I supported Obama’s stimulus spending just like Trump’s. What about you?

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No, but taking a timeout to complain about what I respond to certainly is. I mean, a child could figure that out. lol

Debt doubles because GOP presidents leave office with massive deficits and it takes time to reduce them. Do you not know that deficits are why debt grows? Wow

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So much fear…

The next Democratic Administration will devote itself to insuring that all citizens have the right to vote, if you wish to talk of the Constitution and freedom.

Apparently not Lololol

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Good lib. lol

Notice how none of the Trump supporters can address our current deficit under Trump

If you were here back then, you would have seen my posts supporting it as a necessary evil.

On this stimulus, you would see my saying I wish it could have been done a little different – but even my proposed blanaced budget amendment would allow this time of defecit spending.

It’s a fact. Clinton left with a surplus. Bush left with a massive deficit. Obama left with an about $475bil deficit. Before COVID-19, Trump and the GOP doubled it to $1trillion


Do you support the lockdowns per Trump administration’s CDC guidelines? Because those are the primary cause of the deficits

Obama left with a deficit that you© settled for because he was your© guy and 8 years of MSM conditioning were highly successful. :wink:

A) Re-open the econmy
B) Continue to reduce burdensome regulations
C) Continue to encourage natural resorce production in this country
D) Do things that make it possible to bring business back from other countries
E) DON’T raise taxes on businesses making it a disadvantage to keep manufacturing and that open here. Do everything possible to encourage business/manufaturing to return to our country.



Yet the national debt went UP every year under Clinton. How is that possible with a surplus? Shouldn’t the extra money be used to pay down the debt instead of taking on more?

Well, he cut the deficit in half in the face of the worse recession since the depression. I also credit the GOP congress for this who negotiated sequestration.

Of the last five presidents, trump, obama, bush, clinton, bush, who reduced the deficit, and who increased it?

And doubled the debt. Go ahead, you can say if you want. It won’t physically hurt. :wink:

Yes we settled for a lower deficit than the guy before… I’m saddened by that :joy::rofl:


Atta-lib! lol

I definitely settled with a $475bil deficit after inheriting a $1.3trillion deficit. That’s more than a 60% cut. Much better than a 100% or 300% increase

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