CBO Projects $3.7 Trillion Deficit

Thanks to the leadership of President Trump, the deficit may reach $3.7trillion. Trump signed $trillion+ stimulus packages and stood by encouraging the states to shut down per CDC guidelines. Trump now is responsible for historic deficits and unemployment, just like Obama was when he took office.

So, the question is, when the COVID-19 pandemic is over, what should we do to tackle Trump’s historic deficit? Roll back the tax cuts he passed?

If trump would step up and get a real national response to this crisis together, he would rightly be forgiven for this deficit. Even the stupid tax cuts that added to it.

He needs to get his act together and plan a long over due national response.

Otherwise, he is wasting money and time.


More tax cuts to stimulate the economy?

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Democrats will be back to murdering ranchers, raising everyone’s taxes, forcing people to buy what they choose, and creating new toilets for all their radical gender-confused constituents.

Patience, libs. It’ll be your turn again in 2024. lol

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All the while actually reducing deficits

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And doubling the (D)ebt. :wink:

Just the corporate ones since we had to pay for them twice already. A trillion dollars in deficits to pump their stock, then 2 trillion in fed dollars to keep them pumped at the first hint of trouble.

Let’s just save the first trillion and use it on something useful.

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And had he not done this (say vetod the stimulus and tried to keep everything open) you would have made a thread supporting that?

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The only way to tackle debt is by first reducing massive deficits GOP presidents leave woth


Where did I say I don’t support the $3.7trillion deficit. Do you support it?

…by first doubling the debt. We know how this is gonna go. :wink:

Yuge deficits during economic crisis are cool now

Why did you snip my post out of context?

When a Democrat takes the White House, you can do the usual 180 degree turn and start to complain about deficits again.

Because the second part was BS personal bias that I’m not concerned with. :man_shrugging:

Try not to deflect too much from here. :wink:

While you© do a 180 and forget about constitution this and freedom that, which was only important when you© don’t hold the majority.

Rah rah rah, go blue team. lol

There’s this thing called reality in finance, where to reduce debt you must first reduce the deficit.

So, please don’t break forum rules by snipping my posts and taking them out of context

Things that make you say “hmmmm” one

Things that make you say “hmmmmm” two

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I made a thread, about the deficit, and me mentioning the deficit in relation to debt is deflecting?


Which doesn’t happen when dems control the money. The debt simply doubles, and the deficit merely gets to a point where libs will parrot everything coming out of their TV for the good of the Party. lol