Cashing In With Moscow Mitch

Two of Moscow Mitch McConnell’s aides have been hired as lobbyists for the new Aluminum plant in Kentucky that is controlled by Oleg Derispaska – the Russian oligarch whose sanctions for interfering in the 2016 election were lifted by the Trump Administration and then confirmed by Moscow Mitch’s actions in the Senate.

There’s great money to be made in protecting Russians undermining our Republican and no shortage of people lining up for their thirty silver pieces.

Someone explain how the swamp is being drained please.

In Kentucky there now are signs touting “Putin for Senate… cut out the middle man.”

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Once again I think a Democratic meme involving today’s Republicans Party is a hysterical over-exaggeration and here we are.

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Which part is overreacting. The issue of lobbying? The decision by Rusal to invest in Kentucky shortly after sanctions were lifted certainly looks suspicious.

■■■■■■■ A right it’s suspicious. Deripaska? They just voted to lift the sanctions on them.

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McConnell blocked the effort to prevent Trump from lifting sanctions on Derispaska. In the neighborhood I grew up in (inner city), if someone did a favor for a made guy and then suddenly opened a new business… one made strong assumptions and kept one’s mouth shut.

I find “Moscow Mitch” just sits well on the tongue… the attempt to extend it to “Leningrad Lindsay” just does not sound right. “Lindsay from Leningrad” works much better.

Looks like it’s working for the Kentucky Dems.

Remember when “Conservatives” lost their ■■■■ from the idea that Hillary Clinton sold off 80% of the country’s uranium when she didn’t?

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That’s nothing compared to losing all our CIA agents in China when they were hacked in to Hillary’s secret server the whole time she was Secretary of State.

NARRATOR: they weren’t.

Yes, Strzok’s was warned and did nothing.

I’ve lived for almost 60 years hearing certain people scream about dirty politicians.

Why are they silent now?


They’re too busy attending Tea Party rallies to protest the out of control debt


I really should’ve known something was up when Mitch McConnell, who lost all his ■■■■■ like twenty years ago, started screeching about the Moscow Mitch nickname.


Yeah… going on the Senate floor to say that some pundits are being mean to him.

Really out of character.

Of all of the mean things ever said about him, why is this the one that got through his shell?



Cocaine Mitch didn’t ruffle his feathers.
Moscow Mitch has really got him all bent out of shape.
I am personally loving it.


Just stop making crap up.

We’re talking about Moscow Mitch and his cozy relationship with Russians.

Fake news keeping you uninformed again.

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When I was like twelve, my father made the worst mistake of his parenting career and told me it was always easy to tell when I was lying because when an accusation was true I would get really upset denying and when it wasn’t I’d say, “Whatever, don’t believe me then.” Never forgot that.

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“Moscow Mitch” is a great moniker, and appropriate, too. I understand the impulse to build on its success, but “Leningrad Lindsay” doesn’t cut it and has the effect of diluting the value of “Moscow Mitch.”

The problem with Democrats is that they lack focus. They should have identified the winning thing and stuck to it singularly.

What did the dem house do with the debt in this new budget?