CA's End Run Around the Second Amendment

Zachary Berg usually buys guns and ammunition with relative ease. After all, he’s a Sutter County sheriff’s deputy and needs them for his job. California’s stringent gun laws usually don’t apply to him.

But Berg couldn’t buy shotgun shells at his local hardware store in Yuba City prior to a duck hunting trip last month. He was rejected under [California’s stringent ammunition background check program that took effect July because his personal information didn’t match what state officials had in their database.

CA knows they just can’t outlaw and confiscate guns, so starving off the ammo supply is the next best thing.

Yeah, I don’t agree with regulating ammunition like that. Looks like it’s already in court, and it will be shot down.

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It’s California. I’d be surprised if it’s shot down.

This sounds very familiar to my experience voting a few years ago when Texas implemented strict voter id laws. I have to cast a provisional ballot because my registration and license differed because of a suffix on my name…

Easily fixable, right? Minor inconvenience, nothing needs done… just part of the system. You could have been an illegal and trying to vote illegally.

Sounds like the arguments being made by the pro gun ban lobby.

I like the end of the article. The genius California liberals enacted a transaction tax on all ammunition purchases. Well, if that happened here in PA, I’d stock up when I buy. I’d get thousands of rounds at a time, hoard it. Only pay that fee once and be set for a long time.

That’s what they intended with this piece of ■■■■ legislation, right?

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