CARVING CALIFORNIA: Proposal to Split the State into THREE to be on Midterm Ballot | Sean Hannity

The radical plan to divide California into three separate states will officially appear on the ballot this fall; giving residents a chance to alter the Golden State’s history forever and sooth growing tensions between the liberal coast and rural interior.

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Sean as a second generation CA native I am for a division. We are always at the political mercy of the wing nuts in LA, all the way to San Fran and everything in between. But the way they say they want to split it will create 4 more dem seats in the US Senate and more dems in the house. Probably to the point of gaining control again. LA and San Fran must be together in the same state. If not then I am against it. So sick and tired of them running this beautiful state in to the ground.

Good. As goes California, so goes New York. Now maybe they’ll chop up NYS and make it less of a hell hole to live in.

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I was born in Berkeley and it is sickening how they are destroying it. Please vote for the 3 states!!!

Just what the DEMS want…4 more Senate seats.

Depends on how they break up the state. Inland is rep, so is much of NorCal.

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My guess would be, if it splits the way they’re talking about, either Republicans would benefit or there would be no change at all. The southern coast would obviously be Dem, but I’d bet the central part would end up Republican. Question would be whether the SF Bay area is enough to swing the northern state blue.

If the California split was ever to succeed, Illinois and New York would soon follow.

The last thing this country needs is more Democrats running this country, Democrats know splitting California into 3 separate states will assure them control of the people and keep their liberal ways intact, The only way it would work is splitting the state into two state and that would be right down the middle, the liberals own the coast, the conservatives own the inlands.

if this helps demorats texas will divide into 10 states.

It will be three liberal states and the only solution to rural California is the long worked for and carefully thought out and planned Jefferson state.
Hey Hannity, why don’t you give Jefferson state some publicity rather than the three liberal california states?

Maybe when they’ll get rid of gov. brown stain & putolosie

Most likely would benefit conservatives.

It would a bummer for those of us at the beach in So Cal to have to move away from the beach to get out of the lefti-cal. I have a second house inland in the conservative zone, but no ocean. Otherwise San Diego would be an option, but too close to the border

The proposal is a thinly disguised attempt to expand California’s 2 Liberal Senators into 6 Liberal Senators.
The reason is the proposed division.
In California there is a 50 mile wide Progressive Liberal Zone stretching from SanDiego to Santa Rosa plus Sacramento. This is also the main population Hub.
Using only a quick glance the observation is that this proposal neatly cuts this particular zone into 3 parts which by themselves is more than enough to continue to out-vote any Republicans & will remain this way for many more decades.
Basically if you can not use “Newly Created Amnesty Citizens” as a voter Bloc, separate the State neatly into equal Progressive Liberal parts adding triple the number of California Progressive Liberals Senators.

I don’t think it’s a Dem plot. I would expect the leftist ca gov to oppose it.

Looking at who sponsored this LEFTEST TAKEOVER of CA by dividing it into 3 states is SHAM, SCAM! Just looking at the “3” states, he is putting all conservative areas into larger LEFTIST controlled areas! #StopTheCADemocratMadness! Democrats have already #GerrymanderedCA into a LEFTIST #FabianSocialism state! Where is @SCOTUS in reviewing how “gerrymandering” is destroying America!

If California divides into three parts - Does the rest of America have to recognize them and let them into the US. Do we get a vote

Californians have no say. An exercersise in futility

If you are a voting citizen in this representative democracy the most certainly you will get a chance to vote - for or against

I wanted them to name them: SoCal, MidCal, and No,Cal.

Maybe if this works then Illinois can finally split into at least two states.

Northern Illinois and Southern Illinois, with the split about 5 to 10 miles south of Springfield.