Carolina Squat soon to be illegal in both Carolinas

The Carolina Squat is not a perverted sex act. :smile:

It is a car mod that raises the front axle while either maintaining or lowering the rear axle.

It was banned in North Carolina towards the end of last year.

It will soon be banned in South Carolina.

The issue should be evident just by looking at the pictured vehicle. With the nose sticking up, the driver’s vision is severely impaired, particularly on hills. This has already led to a couple of high profile crashes with deaths and serious injuries.

No problem at all with this ban, it should be banned everywhere. There is no doubt and no argument that this mod constitutes a massive safety issue.


I saw a bunch of those in Florida last year. They also liked driving with the doors open to make their music louder. lol

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I’m not a fan of big government regulation, but this is one of those times where I have to champion it.

I wish Mississippi would ban this ■■■■■ Every 17 year old with a truck and a mullet is popping the Carolina Squat.

A few days ago some little idiots came to the parts store I work at. I’m in commercial sales but the retail side was real busy so I went out there to help them out. They asked for some lifting blocks and some drop shackles. Right away I knew what they were doing.

I felt like I was a breaking an ancient moral code selling the blocks and shackles to them. But I’m required to satisfy all customer requests. I felt like throwing up afterwards though.



Glad this craze hasn’t hit jersey…yet.