Carjacking Suspect meets Armed Pastor

The Walmart carjacker who attempted carjacking 5 different people and shot one of them in Washington ran into two armed civilians, one of them a pastor who not only shot him but then performed first aid on him until police and an ambulance arrived.

Along with the victim who was shot another 16yo girl was also injured but according to the update I just heard both are expected to be fine.

Another win for the good guys.

One of 76 gun incidents yesterday.

For every good story (every day) I can find ~ 75 bad ones.

Not very good odds.

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I wonder if the good pastor whipped out an AR15 or just a hand gun - you know, the guns most people are not proposing we ban anyway.

A, you aren’t looking for the “good incidents”; B, most DGU’s are never reported; and C, why would the anti gun left who dominate the press report cases that don’t support their anti gun angenda?

If he would have had one nearby he may would have. If I can I’ll grab my shotgun before I go for my revolver.

What’s your point? The would be carjacker and violent criminal is now six feet under. I don’t care what he was shot with. He’s where he belongs.

“If it saves just one life, it’s worth it.” Sound familiar?

The purpose of these OPs IMO is to show how guns are a very valuable asset in some circumstances. My point is, we already know this and that we are not arguing against it. The argument we are making is that some limited gun control would be helpful and some weapons like AR15s may be a place to start. Since an AR15 was not used in this case, this OP does not meet the objective of arguing against sensible gun control. They may not be what the OP intended but I think it is.

honestly, with the way our constitution and BOR are written/interpreted if we could go from a firearm homicide every 54 minutes to every (say) every 90 minutes that would be a MAJOR accomplishment.

and, yeah, we’re loaded with guns and have tons of shootings so certain people have to post some feel good stories to counter the ~ 75 gun incidents every day. i guess it makes them feel better about their position.

Yes, you articulated something I feel too but didn’t quite say it as well.

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Are you suggesting that banning ARs would produce such a result?

I certainly hope he isn’t claiming that since most firearm homicides involve handguns.

If you ban ARs you end murder! Eureka! Who would have thought it so easy? end sarcasm

You may not be but there are a hell of a lot of your fellow travelers that advocate for disarming us all to the greatest extent possible.

So you are only advocating we get rid of AR’s in spite of the fact that it would have no measurable impact on homicide rates but at the same time say your goal is to cut the rate by half.

And we’re supposed to believe you’re being honest here?

So just what law do you propose that if enacted could have prevented this?

I don’t think you really have anything to worry about. There are more moderates.

Do you want to start anywhere at all?

We always have to worry … complacency virtually always allows a well organized dedicated minority to assume control over the majority. History if full of examples of a minority zealots taking over … our own country owes its origin to fewer than 25% of the population of the colonies.

"The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.” (Often misquoted as “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”) - John Philpot Curran

If you want to accomplish your goal, why would you start where you would have so little impact? To make an analogy, if your house had no glass in the window frames, would you add insulation to the attic to reduce heat loss?

I doubt it. More than a minority have been trying to overturn Roe vs Wade for 50 years now.

I don’t think anyone can say for certain that it would have little impact. And that was just an example anyway.