Carbon emmisions rose 2.7 percent last year. Well duh!

Why is it that people cannot make the most obvious connection to why this has happened? They won’t, so I will. 6 billion people pollute more than 5 billion. 7 billion people pollute more than 6 billion. Well no kidding! As the world population increases so will energy consumption. And as the third world modernizes and replaces forests with cities will their energy consumption increase or decrease? People would not ignore the obvious if the issue had not been totally corrupted by politics. Nobody makes money or redistributes wealth by stating the obvious. Rise and shine folks.

The left wants people to be poor… Cheap energy is wealth. I wonder how much the Cal fires added?

Im not sure what you think you’ve stumbled upon here, but it’s truly amusing to see you state the obvious as though you believe it’s some magnificent discovery you’ve made.

The issue isn’t that emissions are predicted to rise. It’s by how much. We are all very much aware that emissions continue to rise, and are projected to do so. At issue is the amount that emissions have risen since 2017. If you look at the paper you actually referenced, they provide this data. From 2012-2017 the globe saw an average increase of approximately 0.6%. Since 2017, that number is 2.7%, an increase of over 400% as compared to the prior 6-year average. Thats significant.

Plants like CO2, I thought liberals liked forests???

I mentioned this in another thread that population growth is environmental elephant in the room that nobody really talks about.