Carbon emissions up as Trump agenda rolls back climate change work

I hope the experts are wrong on this issue. It won’t affect me but could affect unborn Americans…

“But the EPA is rescinding Obama-era climate work, including regulations meant to speed a shift from coal. The agency contends that Donald Trump’s agenda is driving energy innovation that could help cut emissions. Energy experts, however, say Trump is doing the opposite by rolling back the rules and policies that could have sped renewable growth and by forgoing new regulations beyond the electricity sector.”

So, do we believe the experts on this issue or not?

Garbage article, which is no surprise in the Guardian. Never explains how the increase is Trump’s fault. I am thinking it may just have something to do with lower gas prices and increased economic activity.

Yep trump never does anything wrong.:roll_eyes:

Probably mostly the latter. I doubt we’ve seen much of an increase in miles driven.

Though, there was a conservative talking point that Paris accords were unnecessary because we are already decreasing emissions. That talking point turned out to be short lived.

Allow me to clear it up for you.

Americans are driving more than ever before, according to new data released today by the Federal Highway Administration.

Drivers in cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs put a record 3.22 trillion miles on the nation’s roads last year, up 2.8 percent from 3.1 trillion miles in 2015.

It’s the fifth consecutive year of increased miles driven on public roads and highways, reflecting a strengthening economy, but it also “underscores the demands facing American’s roads and bridges,” according to a statement from the FHWA, “and reaffirms calls for greater investment in surface transportation infrastructure.”

Lower gasoline prices are helping fuel the increase in driving, as the cost of a gallon averages $2.28 nationwide, according to AAA, and the price has remained relatively steady in recent months.

Again, the article didn’t specify which if any of his policies increased it, so I am going to stick with cheaper gas and a better economy until someone proves otherwise.

Didn’t Trump start rolling back changes to fuel efficiency standards?

Last time I checked we were still on track to exceed that agreements numbers, if you contend otherwise, prove it.

Well, why don’t you “prove” we are on track to meet the Paris Accord goals? Why am I the one who has to disprove your statement?

No, he’s right. Look at the dates in that article and then compare 2018 v 2017. It’s like a 0.4% increase.

Nope, he said he would have them review them. I am pretty sure reviewing them didn’t increase emissions.

Remind me who brought it up and asserted something about it first?


Bad Trump, making New England cold and spurring the US economy.

from U.S. Carbon Emissions Surged in 2018 Even as Coal Plants Closed - The New York Times

Yet even a steep drop in coal use last year wasn’t enough to offset rising emissions in other parts of the economy. Some of that increase was weather-related: A relatively cold winter led to a spike in the use of oil and gas for heating in areas like New England.

But, just as important, as the United States economy grew at a strong pace last year, emissions from factories, planes and trucks soared. And there are few policies in place to clean those sectors up.

As United States manufacturing boomed, for instance, emissions from the nation’s industrial sectors — including steel, cement, chemicals and refineries — increased by 5.7 percent.

So, planning to reduce them, spike emissions last year? Neat.

Interesting that an almost identical rate of economic growth in 2015 would result in reduced emissions.

Did you read the article Dantes?

he agencies will abandon the long-term fuel economy standards for passenger cars and light trucks developed by the Obama administration for 2022-2025, declaring, without evidence, that they are “too high.”

Won’t have any effect for 3 to 4 years down the road, had NO effect on current standards. So how is this relevant to supposed emmissions increasing now? It doesn’t. Try again.

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On the one hand, BEV’s are already clearly the superior economic choice and pretty soon everyone will be buying them and car makers will probably abandon the combustion engine, on the other hand, we absolutely must have much higher gasoline efficiency standards or the planet will burn.

What is a BEV?

Unless it’s a hybrid type vehicle, for long distance traveling, there still is no alternative to having something with a gasoline engine in it. Longest rage for fully electric is 220 to 310 miles, then you have to stop for an hour or so to get it charged up again. The millage is under ideal conditions.

Now here is something to make our resident environmentalists clutch their pearls:

Imagine the emissions of the rockets to put 20,000 5G cellular satalites in orbit. And if you read the article, the sats are designed with only a 5 years life, so in 5 years they all need to be replaced with rocket launches again.

Yes, Trump policy has increased jobs and manufacturing in America. Dems think that’s bad!