CARAVAN STALLS: ‘Migrant Caravan’ Stalls After Mexican Government Denies Buses | Sean Hannity

The ‘migrant caravan’ slowly making its way towards the United States’ southern border hit a major snag this week, with Mexican authorities refusing to bus the immigrants north; a request that would have drastically reduced the time needed to reach the US.

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The ones who truly believe they are in danger and need to get away will make it to where ever they can be safe. The ones who are there because they were paid or simply wanted to make the news, will just fade away.

Why do these people think they are entitled to free bus rides and to ignore laws. No wonder Honduras is so messed up. They would need others to fix it for them. Instead of sitting around whining, return and make Honduras great… Start by coping our second amendment.

People in Honduras are already free to own firearms.

Lets not forget that Mexico has offered “temporary asylum” to many in the caravan. Note the word TEMPORARY. So that means for how long? Would it be long enough to rest up and slowly make your way to the border after all the hoopla has died down? So you could then sneak in and request asylum in the United States without the news crews and cameras?