CARAVAN SHOWDOWN: Mexico Deploys ‘Hundreds of Riot Police’ as Migrants Approach Border

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Mexican authorities have officially deployed “hundreds of riot police” to handle the growing migrant caravan as it heads towards their country; blocking a key bridge that connects Guatemala and Mexico.

“Hundreds of federal police in riot gear fanned out on the international bridge in Suchiate, on the Mexican-Guatemalan border, as the caravan of several thousand Honduran migrants trekked toward the crossing,” reports Yahoo News.

“A first group of several hundred migrants arrived late Wednesday in the border town of Tecun Uman, Guatemala, where they overflowed a local shelter, leaving many to sleep in the town square or on the street,” adds the article.

The attempted crackdown comes as President Trump warned the governments of El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras he was prepared to cut all aid to those countries that allow the caravan to approach the United States unfettered.

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