CARAVAN CRISIS: Trump Considers Executive Order to ‘HALT ENTRY’ for ‘Migrant Caravan’ | Sean Hannity

President Trump and his top national security team are considering drastic measures to “halt entry” for thousands of undocumented migrants slowly making their way towards the United States; proposing an executive order that would block “nearly all” Central American asylum seekers.

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The people that are in this caravan appear to be so disrespectful of the United States, our laws and our government. Even though they have been given options regarding to turn back or seek assylum in Mexico because the United States has repeated told them they will not be able to enter illegally, they are defiant enough and persistent enough to continue to the states. If all would stop and think about this for just one minute, why would the United States and the citizens (left, right, middle of the spectrum) of the United States welcome them with open arms. Would we not be inviting problems since it already appears that (as I said previously) that they are disrespectful of us? I understand that all want a better life, more money, better conditions. I understand that there is more to citizenship than that, though. There is a love of our country, respect of what the Founding Fathers/Mothers did, and hundreds of thousands service men and women who have fought, died or became incapcitated for our freedom. Do we/they not have a voice? My father was an immigrant from Czeckoslovakia - a legal immigrant. He loved the United States serving in WWII; he respected the process, the people, the law and the President. He was focused on assimilating into this country and culture. He was proud to be an American. Where is that pride today?

The Hondurans in the caravan, the 7,000 people walking north to America, where do they go to the bathroom?

And eat and sleep and store their clothes?

And how is it that after a week on the road they are clean and their hair and clothes are well kept?

And why do these people, supposedly fleeing intolerable conditions in their homeland, carry little flags from their homeland and break into its national anthem when the TV cameras show up?

And speaking of which, for oppressed people, they all seem to be pretty well fed, well groomed and well dressed. Their hair is neat and newly cut, their clothes are clean and in good repair, and they are built like people who have had ample nutrition all their lives, being well developed and, many of them, overweight.

And none of them look dirty or unkempt, like they had been sleeping on the ground for the last week.

How have 7,000 people been fed and watered? And how have they gone to the bathroom? If the average person across the world produces about a pound of solid waste a day, that means that these folks are somehow disposing of more than three tons of feces each day.

That’s a lot of poop, even for a Central American road.

There are a lot of unanswered questions about these people. No one in the left is asking them and they are going to great lengths to drowned out those who do. Some even think the left in this country are even providing material support to this army of invaders.

I would not put it past the socialist Democrats and liberals to be providing material and financial support. These supposedly gentle asylum seeking souls have injured 70 or more Mexican law enforcement and are burning the American flag along their trek.

The article says: “The “migrant caravan” picked up thousands of additional immigrants” since when are these people immigrants?!?!! VIOLENT INVADERS is the correct term in my mind. Since before President Kennedy this INVASION has been fairly quietly in progress. I say that because Bobby Kennedy was caught talking about the illegal immigrants back when his brother was in office. I was only in my teens then and made the statement to anyone that would listen that whether we acknowledge it or not we were in a cold war of being invaded by the illegal people coming over the Mexican boarder.

It wasn’t blatant then as it is now but because those in power then decided NOT to do anything about it as was reported by the people in the Bobby Kennedy conversation AND it is obvious by all actions since, we (the people) have allowed this to escalate to the state it is now in. If we don’t put our foot down on this now we will be dealing with more unrest IN our country and will lose the “war”.

There was a President that put an immigration law in place in 1924 I think, that basically stopped all immigration that was not replaced until 1965. The reason given was to allow the numerous immigrants that had come to the US up to that time to assimilate into the US with the legal citizens in the country. I feel we are at that point again in our country’s progress and this type of immigration policy should once again be put in place to settle down all the craziness and the “violent invaders” of the illegal invasion currently in progress. Halting the caravan is just the beginning of what needs to be done.