CARAVAN CHAOS: Over 50 Migrants ARRESTED After STORMING US-Mexico Border | Sean Hannity

Dozens of Central American immigrants were detained by American agents Monday after rushing the US-Mexico border; escalating the high-stakes showdown between the ‘migrant caravan’ and US authorities.

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These few made it! Now leftwing lawyers and judges will protect them. Congress will not change immigration laws, so the only way to stop this madness and protect Americans is the wall. The President had better get full funding during this lame duck session or it will never happen!

It sounds like it’s passed time for the U.S. & Mexican military to conduct a joint exercise to round up the caravan. Post round up, the U.S. can pass out the applications to enter the U.S. legally. Then they can ship the rounded up back to where they came from. Once back home the paper work can be taken to the U.S. embassy. The embassy can have the paper work sent to wherever for processing.