CAPITOL CHAOS: Protesters Storm Senate Offices, Demand Lawmakers ‘Cancel Kavanaugh’ | Sean Hannity

Hundreds of left-wing protesters stormed the Capitol Thursday just hours after the FBI released its seventh investigation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Senate Judiciary Committee; demanding the potential Supreme Court Justice withdraw his nomination.

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A few rubber batons, mace and some 30 day jail sentences would cure this disease.


IF that doesn’t do the job, a taser might assist a few others to change their minds!

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Oh. I thought they said, “Storm the castle.” I was getting the boiling oil ready…

strong text Follow the money
Lock em up and Soros as well!

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Mr Hannity, itsx time to call the they and them ect ect and start telling who it really is…the Jesuits!

Hannity - you should highlight the fact that Linda Sarsour is standing next to Elizabeth Warren at today’s protest against Kavanaugh. That says volumes and that the left is manipulating again! Linda Sarsour is for Sharia Law and that does not work for any women, so how dare her pretend to protest for woman, especially for the ones making allegations without evidence against Kavanaugh! Sham and shame!

Unfortunately, with Elizabeth Warren out there cheerleading the mind and others like Maxine Waters calling for confrontation and even force, there is every possibility that we will start seeing events like last year’s shooting at the Republican baseball practice. When it happens, you can bet that none of the Democrats will step up and admit responsibility.

not protestors, paid agitators…