Can't log in with my Desktop

I am able to log in with my laptop, but not my desktop. My desktop is what I’d like to use as my primary connection, but every time I try to login, I get the message “You cannot login as Snagglepuss from this IP”

It’s been like this since last week.

I also cannot log in at home…for several days now with the same message. Will this be fixed? Or is it the new normal?

Try clearing cookies and history
in your browser. That was the issue with the last one who had the problem.

Cleared my history, my cookies, and just for funsies, rebooted. Still getting the same error.

Have you tried different browsers?

Today? No. I can try that again though.

Switched from Chrome to FF…still the same error.

Did you try clearing cookies and history?

Yes, I did.

You’ve officially gone above my paygrade

I know we try and do everything but, I wonder if we had to do an IP ban on someone.

@SixFoot or @GWH

New spam filters. If an IP is returned as blacklisted or suspicious (proxies, scammers, malicious websites, etc.), the system screens that IP for future blocking.

Some members had the rotten luck of the draw with their dynamic IP, and simply restarted their routers/modems, received a new IP, and logged back in with no problem.

I’ve tried all those things…twice…no joy.

Try calling your ISP and asking them to refresh your IP.