Cant kill enough through abortion, lets switch to crack-pipes

A billion in incentives and counting

I wonder what percentage of their total income from the opioid epidemic was 26 billion.

Addicts exist.

What are the conservative solutions?

Didn’t they try this on The Wire like 20 years ago??

Fiction becomes reality.

They damaged the health and well-being of our communities, and now they get to profit off of vaccines.



Making it harder… not easier … for them to get intoxicated.

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I don’t know about conservative, but there are plenty of people (of all political stripes) in this country who simply don’t care if an addict ODs, in their mind they deserve it.

Sounds oddly like the very successful war on drugs


If they die, it also means they’re not in pain anymore.

Let’s provide free ammo and guns to the inner cities. That way the thugs won’t have to steal them.


Which leads to sharing of needles and other paraphanalia.

That leads to greater incidence of disease.

It leads to more overdose and death.

It rarely gets people clean.

We learn nothing.

It’s called appeasement. It never works.

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This is true. Especially when you consider some drugs are almost impossible to get off of once you’re addicted.

It is sad that this is true.

It works to reduce communicable disease and provide a place for access to services that may help.

I’ve been addicted to nicotine for 30 years or so at this point. Best I can do is ecigs.

Not being correlative. Minors engaging in unprotected sex isn’t drug addiction. Handing out rubbers doesn’t encourage unprotected sex, but handing out drug paraphernalia facilitates the use of the drug by the addict. Setting up a safe zone for possession and use will only create an attractive location for dealers to find customers, without the fear of law enforcement. And the dealers already do this at locations where support groups meet. And once you have an actual facility for this to happen, it will only be a short time before competing dealers fight over the new turf.

So tell me again how good intentions make this noble.


I am the world’s worst smoker. I enjoy smoking occasionally when I drink but I have never been addicted to it and can take it or leave it anytime I want. But don’t go trying to take my coffee because I need that!!!

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Thats a strange change in tact since condoms in schools would lead to sex was a conservative argument for like two decades.

The rest of your post is the exact doom and gloom people used when it came to condoms in schools and other “lib” ideas.

But continue to ignore the expense of treating addicts for things like AIDS and giving them SSD compared to these programs.

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Is this the same with needle exchanges?

They have been shown to reduce disease but are not correllated with an increase in drug use.