Cant kill enough through abortion, lets switch to crack-pipes

All Americans should be outraged. The HHS is rolling out a 30 million dollar grant to provide crack pipes to the inner cities. Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government.

Show of hands…How many of you all support this expenditure?

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I support giving addicts a safe and clean space as risk mitigation and access to services that will help them with their addiction.

It is cheaper than the alternative… but we always choose the alternative.


If you provide material support to something, you will get more of it, not less. This was true yesterday, it is true today and it will still be true tomorrow.


So you are for subsidizing drug use.


Not true.

What you get is a sharing of the implements which spreads diseases among a populace that is already vunerable from their drug addiction.

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It’s not a 30m dollar program to give out crack pipes but it’s really a good sound bite isn’t it?

It’s needles, it’s od drugs. It’s because ODs are a big problem nationwide. Capitalism is in part responsible for the opioid epidemic and here is another thing the government needs to fix. It’s ok though 30m is a drop in the bucket compared to treatment for drug problems that the government is forced to spend, while a certain former pharmaceutical company family tries to hide money it made.


I am for doing the thing that gives people the best oppurtunity to access services that will help them with their addiction and reduce the risks associated with their addiction along the way.

It really is much much cheaper than the alternative.

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It’s a sound bite for sure.

It is also part of the culture war.


Like condoms In schools and sex Ed programs As teenage pregnancy drops like a rock off a cliff.

See i can be correlative too

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“President” joe finally found something for hunter to do.


Thats pretty funny no matter who you are.


Kill Kapitalism!


:rofl: Excellent example of virtue signaling.

Your naive belief will only serve to encourage more drug use, with more crime, more overdoses and more deaths. But to liberals intentions, not outcomes, and the potential to virtue signal about one’s good intentions are what really matter.


Nah. I like it.

In the 60s the govt incentivized single parent households by giving welfare checks to Single mothers. We have had an explosion of single parent families since then. Now what do you think is gonna happen with incentivizing illicit drug use. You can already see all the tents in Washington DC on the sidewalks. Now their gonna give them crack pipes.


Like teenage sex and pregnancy increasing cuz of condoms in schools and elimination of abstinence only program. They of course didn’t but fell to record lows. When you guys are wrong so often about the causative effect of government spending to provide safe methods of engaging in an act, does it ever get through that your conclusions may be just a bit off ?


Some of them even got a sweet deal on making cutting edge new mRNA drugs after flooding communities with opioids.

Did they so do in a vacuum? What would have been the alternative program that you would have supported?

This kind of thinking is why we can’t have nice things.

This is the same as needle exchange programs but for crack cocaine users.

Sharing of these drug implements increases the risk of exposure to HIV and Hepatitis. The downstream effects of that is expensive.

Providing risk mitigation in a setting where people can access services to help them with their addiction is cheap in comparison.

But we never do the cheap thing that would help addicts because that would be “virtue signaling”